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Thread: SNK vs Capcom Ofcl.Thread (Udt.10/02/03) AES re-delayed until November 13th.

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    SNK vs Capcom Ofcl.Thread (Udt.10/02/03) AES re-delayed until November 13th.

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    SNK is like an abusive boyfriend; he keeps hitting me, and I want to leave him, but then I think about the good times we have together and keep telling myself I'll give him just one more chance to change.

  2. Neat. I guess.

  3. That artwork is awful I don't want my Karin in the game any more, that artist will make her look ugly like he did the entire KOF cast in KOF2001/2.

  4. Go back to loving a dev that only puts out a new game every two years and rehashes their old stuff over and over.

    I think the artwork looks incredible. Good times coming... whenever this gets a console port.
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  5. Gotta say I like that piece of art work. Of course I'm not looking forward to the release at all, unless it makes it to a system other than the Neo. A DC version. Now that would be sweet, and not totally impossible either...

  6. /me gets a hard wang.

    I hope the keep the cast of characters small, and the animation fluent, like AOF3. 24 fighters should be plenty.

    I'd like to see it stay more like SNKs main characters from AOF, KoF, and Fatal Fury vs. the Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting crew.

  7. I agree. But sadly, in many ways I can't see this being more than an anti-climax (I hope I'm wrong). Post Guilty Gear we've all been clamouring for a high-res 2D Street Fighter, but let's face facts, this game isn't going to have the visual answers. Then the game in all likelihood will play like an SNK game, great for the diehard Neo owners, but for Capcom fans this is a potential nightmare, no doubt how many SNK fans felt about Capcom vs SNK.

    It could be a horrible no-win situation.

    But hopefully it'll be glorious.

  8. Not bad looking. At least it's probably no more colorful than the game itself.

    I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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    The only question with this one is whether I will be able to hold off on the MVS version long enough for the AES version to be released.

  10. Somethings wrong with Mai's right boob.. but I like it.


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