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Thread: Enix Announces Two New RPGs for Fall 2002

  1. Enix Announces Two New RPGs for Fall 2002

    Prepare to set some time aside for Grandia Xtreme and Robot Alchemic Drive...

    After its successful drive from the <i>Dragon Warrior</i> series, Enix is gearing up for yet another RPG impact with two new games - <b>Robot Alchemic Drive</b> and <b>Grandia Xtreme</b> (I still hate that name, btw) scheduled for a fall release on the PS2.

    <i>RAD</i> looks like a wholly original title that will appeal to mech gurus, touted as that "transcends the established game genres". Players take on the role of a robot handler who must learn to remotely control a monstrously sized robotand engage in fantastic combat with gigantic aliens that are invading earth.

    Action occurs on two planes as large scale combat between giant robots
    wrecks tremendous destruction while at the same time, the humans controlling the robots need to run for cover from falling debris, collapsing buildings and automobile traffic all while trying to avoid being crushed by their robot.

    While <i>Grandia Xtreme</i>, developed by Game Arts marks the first original title for the PS2 platform. Details of the characters and story have not been released, but it's expected to offer the same immersive adventure as featured in previous GA titles. In addition, <i>Xtreme</i> will offer a unique battle system (which is likely to adopt the same engine as featured in <i>Grandia II</i>).

    We have more details next month when we get a hands-on look at E3.

  2. That "Robot" game sounds interesting...
    Still keeping that FUNK alive...^_^

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  3. Let me get this straight... the pilots of the mecha are too stupid to control the mecha from inside where it's safe? You'd think after Giant Robo, they would have learned their lesson...

    And calling Grandia 2 an 'immersive adventure' just makes me laugh.
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