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Thread: Sale of The Century part two!!1

  1. Sold!!1 But for a higher price...

  2. NeomegaCloud, Grid Runner is a fantastic game that's pretty fun. I did a review of it that was posted here, and on GameFAQs. Check the review for it by "JPeeples" for my review.
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  3. I've been lookign for grid runner for quite some time... I'm surprised I passed it up fr a measly $3 from a guy I was buying other things from. Oh well.

  4. well....criticom notice he didn't put awaiting payment by Grid Runner so it is still up for grabs...if you've been looking for it now's your chance

  5. Thats true... Grid Runner is still available.

  6. Yeah... But I don't think it's worth it to me to but it and possibly pay more for the shipping then for the game it's self... Also, I'm not sure how much he's valuing Grid Runner at. So, once again... I'm probably goign to pass. Though, while I'm posting, 88... I'm curious as to if you have any other complete N64 games that you would consider selling. Still trying to beef my collection up.

  7. Hm... let me go check downstairs real quick.

    edit: Starcraft 64, Majoras mask (1st shipment) and Sin and Punishment (minty as a motherfucker)

    I really like S&P though... so I'm kinda reluctant to sell it.

  8. How about Ocrina Of Time? I really want that one before I get MM. And, damn, do I want Sin And Punishment... but, Damn, I Defintely don't have the money for it! haha.

  9. Zelda: OoT is not for sale. However, Majoras Mask is... you should buy it.

  10. Meh... Well... I've played both... and Both are good... but then again... MM isn't OoT. Thanks for looking though.


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