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Thread: Sale of The Century part two!!1

  1. Originally posted by NeomegaCloud
    have you recieved my payment yet?

  2. Any checks/money orders sent in the mail have not been recieved yet.

  3. Did ya send it yet? Tell me you did please, my games and systems need new friends already.

  4. Shit... Perhaps it's time for a "refund."

  5. What did you order?

  6. I swear I sent that PM 10 times already.

    Sega CD (deck)
    Castlevania Chronocles (PSX)
    Mansion of Hidden Souls (Saturn)

  7. I'm not talking to you sunshine... I was talking to the guy that wants a refund.

  8. Oh...well then...WTF, be more clear! Where is my answer BTW? Don't get me wrong you have an excellent reputation, so I trust you, but I'm getting antsy over here.

  9. Yes. Sent it.

    Let me know when you get it.

  10. Thank you much .


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