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Thread: It's that time again. Medium-ish sale.

  1. It's that time again. Medium-ish sale.

    Here we go. I'm clearing out some more junk. All items are mint/near-mint and *complete* unless otherwise noted. I accept Paypal and money order.

    PM me or post a reply if you're interested in anything.

    jiji's latest for-sale list

    All items are mint/near-mint and *complete* unless otherwise noted. I accept Paypal and money order. PayPal orders will ship out
    after the payment enters my bank account. Shipping will be $4 for one to three DVDs/CDs/carts, and more as orders get heavier.

    Playstation 2

    Playstation Underground Jampack - Winter 2002 - $3
    (playable: SOCOM, Primal, Rachet & Clank, Wild Arms 3, Tony Hawk 4, Mark of Kri, Sly Cooper)


    Sega GT 2002/JSRF - $10


    Rising Zan - $5
    - Instructions are somewhat worn, couple of scratches on disc
    Torneko: The Last Hope - $10


    Can be shipped without box if you like (save on shipping, space).

    Baldur's Gate - $10
    - Original release, full-size box
    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain - $10
    - Some wrinkling at top edge of box
    Fallout Tactics - $13
    - New and unplayed
    The Longest Journey - $15
    - Original release, big box. Box a little bit scuffed.
    Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - $5
    - Original release, but no box. Jewel case with original front and back inserts, plus game disc.


    Kirby's Adventure - $3
    - Cart-only, label scuffed, battery works

    PC Engine HuCard

    All Japanese imports.

    New Adventure Island - $10


    Thunder Force II - $1
    - Cart only, label worn down to the white in spots

    Edit: I've moved a few games to Ebay. More will be moved there over the next little while. If there's something you had your eye on before that's missing now, you might check here:

  2. I'm interested in that copy of Mega Man X4. What condition is it in?

    Also, what is Daisenpu about and what's its condition?



    Just read the top of the page. D'oh! If MMX4 is indeed mint, it's mine!

  3. Daisenpu is a Toaplan shooter. It's known as "Twin Hawk" in the US. There's a bit of info on the arcade version here:

    The Genesis port is pretty faithful to the original, except for the obvious lack of a tate mode. My copy's complete and in great condition aside from the manual, which is pretty wrinkled.


    MMX4 has a few tiny scratches on the disc, but other than that, it's perfect.

  4. jiji, I will take both Daisenpu and Mega Man X4. Please PM me your address so I can send you a MO.

    Was Twin Hawk ever released in the States for Genesis? I've only heard of the Japanese and PAL versions.

  5. You've got a PM.

    You know, I could've sworn I'd seen a Genesis version of Daisenpu for sale once, but now I think it was probably Fire Shark, not this game. GameFAQs lists a Twin Hawk for Genesis, but I've never seen it before. Weird.

  6. I'm interested in Darius Gaiden and Forsaken 64. Both are complete, correct. How is the disc on Darius, and the instructions on Forsaken 64?

  7. Darius Gaiden's disc has a few tiny surface scratches, and Forsaken 64's instructions are near-perfect. Both are complete.

  8. Do you think you could do 10 shipped with a postal money order?

  9. Sure, that'd work.

  10. Ok, sounds good... PM me your address... and I'll try to get it out on monday or tuesday.


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