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Thread: Majesco's name change on hold...

  1. Majesco's name change on hold...

    Don't get ready to call em Argon Interactive just yet...

    Recently a few websites leaked news of Majesco regarding its production label. It was conveyed in a press release, which had yet to become official news that Majesco would be renamed to <b>Argon Interactive</b>.

    According to a Majesco representative, the change has been place on hold. Long story short - it's due to a lot of legal technicalities, and until those issues are resolved, the company will continue to call itself Majesco.

    The company apologizes in advance for anyone that's become aware of the previous news announced and we expect to have an update soon once new infromation is available.

  2. I would be interested to find out what actual issues hold up the name change. Strange indeed.


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