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Thread: RahXephon, opinions?

  1. RahXephon, opinions?

    i have seen some news here and there about a new animation called RahXephon. Does anyone have any good/ bad opinions of the show they would like to share? I am interested in picking this up, but i dont know to much about the series.

  2. going by the first episode that came with newtype, i'm really digging it. has some excellent designs and nice animation. i'm not that big on rahxephon's design though. i think it's good, but nothing all that great. the story seems to be ok i guess, i can't really say too much about it going on one episode alone. that's just off the top of me head, going by other people's opinions, it seems to be a pretty good series worth investing time on.

  3. I seen some of the first episode on the Newtype disc. All that I saw was just like Shinji's arrival in Tokyo2 except it laster longer. The disc itself was odd, the screen was split the whole time and the image was shown on both sides. This happen to anyone else's Newtype disc?
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  4. I've seen a bit into the series, and it will definitely give you a Neon Genesis vibe, what with alot of the stuff in the series being the same. It does differ enough from NGE to give it its own vibe, so I say go for it. updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  5. thanks folks, i will probably get to purchasing the first DVD without the boxset then... save some cash and all that.

  6. I liked it it was a good show.. However i really hated the ending, but besides that great show. Eventhough it has a large evanganlion vibe. espically ep 23 or 20 something..

  7. i keep hearing about this large eva vibe, i mean is that because of its boy and a robot thing? believer it or not, that's actually what is hindering me from getting it. I mean, i already own evangelion, do i really need an OVA series that apes it?

  8. Well, I just got the first disc and watched the first 2 episodes so far and am loving it. Yes, there's a rather present NGE vibe but it seems different enough to me. I felt that the first few episodes of Eva seemed a bit sloppy/forced but I don't get the feeling from RahXephon at all. I don't watch a ton of anime though (probably about 2 series a year) so take this with as little consideration as you want. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Eva overall but I didn't like the first 2 episodes or so and I've loved the first two of RahXephon.

    The video transfer is great. At very first I didn't like the character designs but each time I see a character appear in a scene the more I like them. The story again seems very NGE but cool none the less. The music is phenominal.
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  9. Seen the first five.

    It may look like Eva, but the story is fairly complex and original. (Atleast to my knowledge)

    Also, the main character is not nearly as annoying as Shinji. He's actually pretty cool with the ladies.

  10. Originally posted by amitavc
    thanks folks, i will probably get to purchasing the first DVD without the boxset then... save some cash and all that.
    Better idea. Buy the DVD with the box, wait until the last DVD is released, and sell the box on Ebay.

    You'll make nice money.


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