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Thread: Xeno G's huge sale got even bigger with lower prices!

  1. anyone ever deal with Xeno Gigas? i paid for MvsC and now i can't get a response back from him, nothing on PM or e-mail.
    just wondering what happened.

  2. Sorry Plik, I've had to work two double shifts in a row and I couldn't get to the post office yesterday or today. I've got tommorow off though so it'll be in the mail tommorow morning.

    Sorry again dude.
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  3. Hey Xeno id like to get the Pocket Fighter and GnG Capcom Generations games off you

    PM me
    Where I play
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  4. Hi,

    I'll take the following:

    McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (complete) - $7
    Contra 3 (w/ box) - $7
    Phalanx (complete) - $4
    Super Punch-Out! - $4
    Axelay - $3
    Super R-type - $3

    PM me with totals.....hook me up, I'm buyin' a lot



  5. I'll take Saturday Night Slam Masters. All the others are cart only unless they say otherwise, right?

  6. Xeno,

    i love to get:
    DC-Toukon Retsuden 4 (jap - skillbook & spinecard included) - $8
    Saturn-All-Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua (jap - moves chart included) - $7

    Please, please, please...
    i sent you a pm...i'll pay via paypal...let me know


  7. Gigas, your PM box is full.

    I'd like that copy of FF9, so get back to me about it.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  8. Can I get a picture of that Famicom Fantasy Zone 2? This greaty intrests me.

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    I want to take some of those Genesis games off of your hands, my Nomad need fresh meat. I want to pick up Sonic 3, Sunset Riders, Thunderforce 2 and 3, Virta Fighter 2, and World of Illusion. How much will shipping be on all those?
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  10. I wouldn't mind having that Final Fantasy 9 as well, so if OmniGear doesn't grab it...let me have dibbs


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