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Thread: 3d On-rails Shooters

  1. Originally posted by Regus
    Don't get your hopes up. Space Harrier trounces it.
    Even still, I've heard it's a very good game from a few people, and I want to play as Opa Opa.

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    Planet Harriers is far from a bad game. It's just that many of us expected so much more from such a legendary franchise being reborn.

  3. There's a great Space Harrier clone on the Famicom called Cosmic Epilison.

    And now I must play REZ.... *-neo

  4. There was an Atari Lynx game called Blue Lightning, which was released when the system launched in 1989. It was developed by Epyx and published by Atari. It had some similarities to Sega's After Burner, and also showed off some of the slickest graphics seen on a handheld system for years. The game was also quite thrilling, with nine missions that had a lot of variety and technique.

    A few years later, Attention to Detail developed a Jaguar CD version of Blue Lightning. It was one of the pack-in games with the Jaguar CD unit. Many people (myself included) thought it was inferior overall to the Lynx game. It did have a great soundtrack, though.

    Another title that should be mentioned is Iridion 3D. This is a Game Boy Advance launch title that was developed by Shin'en and published by Majesco. It played a lot like Space Harrier and looked great by handheld standards, but some people (myself not included) were turned off by the game's difficulty.
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  5. 3D World Runner?

    For some reason I can not remember how this one played.

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    Blue Lightning was great. And speaking of the Lynx, there's also Turbo Sub(I think it was on-rails or was it fully free-roaming?)

    Iridion has great graphics but I didn't like the game.

    You don't shoot in World Runner, IIRC. The graphics were impressive at the time.

  7. I think Turbo Sub let you roam.

    Blue Lightning was a brilliant game. Great arcade feel, amazing graphics. Just awesome all around.

  8. You can shoot in 3D World Runner.

    Game's still a POS, though.
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  9. Originally posted by kingoffighters
    I am dying to play Planet Harriers...
    Amen to that. It should've had a home port a long time ago, but noooo... they feel like waffling for stupid nonsensical reasons. Feh.

  10. You forgot about Knife Edge: Nose Gunner.


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