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Thread: Dagger Of Kamui

  1. Dagger Of Kamui

    This is one of my all time favorite movies period. I had the original chopped up dub from Celebrity/Just For Kids Home Video. It was retitled Revenge Of The Ninja Warrior.

    I had watched this tape so many times that it no longer plays properly. When I got My AnimeGo newsletter that announced Dager Of Kamui was being released I was exstatic.

    The animation is amazing. Especially considering it's age.
    The story is okay, but not gripping. Funny how every woman that Jiro meets and wants to get it on with turns out to be related to him.

    Anyone else seen this movie?

  2. oh shit... i thought i was the only one with a copy of Dagger of Kamui under the celebrity/just for kids label. i'm pretty sure my copy is still in pretty good condition. way back when i found it a little boring, but interesting enough to watch it a few times over. story really isn't anything special, and the dub is typical quality for it's time, but i'll be damned if i didn't want to be a dominating monk like the main villan. doesn't he look like Sagat from SF too ? i also like how Mark Twain makes an appearance.

    i should have bought this on LD when i had the chance, but i just assumed the vhs i had was good enough. it's always nice to see another person that has a copy of it.

  3. I bought the kid-ified version of it at a Kay Bee toy store just before they closed down, it was one of the last VHS they had on the rack

    Years later I rented Dagger of Kamui and realized "Oh my God, this is the same as that animated ninja flick I got at that toy store years ago. I had a feeling there was more to it..."
    omg TNL epics!


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