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Thread: Japanese gaming goods direct from Tokyo!!

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  2. Okay, sorry to bother ya with a request man......but I am super interested in buying one of those Parappa beanie hats. I know they are probably really tough to find now....but if you ever found one, you know how much it would cost? thanks much.
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  3. Originally posted by Videodrone
    i'm interested you can still get you hands on the trans vibrator set.
    Originally posted by PriestJPN
    They're getting hard to find at all, whether new or second hand - if you 100% want one let me know and I'll pick one up for you should I see it...
    how much do you think we would be looking at for price?

    ...just pm, if you want...

  4. Satsuki, PM sent....

    Videodrone, including shipping (and assuming I find one) the price is $92 EMS or $88 Airmail.

    Xeno Gigas - your PM box is full; have got 10 packs of that DB stuff for you...

    Rich - Still lookin'....

  5. Ok, I cleared my PM box. Just send me the total with shipping and I'll paypal it to ya.

    Oh, and if you see any Dragon Ball art books at a reasonable price let me know.

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  6. Done...

  7. Priest, PM'ed you. *-neo

  8. Well folks,

    Tomorrow is my last full day in Tokyo, so I'm officially handing all this over to a very trustworthy friend of mine. You can contact him at: venom743 (at)

    Cheers; its been fun....



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