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Thread: Japanese gaming goods direct from Tokyo!!

  1. Well most of the stuff that seems really too expensive is older stuff- there's too many games to go through though. But for one example:

    Taiko no Tatsujin Doki- your price is $60 shipped, shipped from NCS would be just under $55 and at my house in 2 days superbly packed. Not a big difference, but enough to give them the sale.

    And I really do want a Psyvariar Capture Box, but I have to wonder how much it's actually going for. I know it's becoming hard to find, but $90 is way more than I'll pay for it.

    However...I definitely appreciate you offering the service, and I'm always glad to have another way to get imports. I'm pretty strapped for cash right now, but I'm sure at some point I'll see if we can do business. In particular I need one of those extra Tatacons. ;]

  2. I think I could beat that TnT Doki price by a few dollars, but it would be airmail so someone in the US would be waiting a few more days... I really must set myself up as a company soon to be ablr to get things cheaper!

    I'll have a look at the Psyvariar Capture box and check the price on that just out of interest...

    Thanks for the feedback - I'll make a big effort to redo the list soon. ^_^

  3. Yes, I also would like to thank you for the service..I'm not busting your chops or anything like that..just pointing it out. What I do suggest is just list stuff that arent found in the US or is hard to get. Like the wavebird or those N64 games (PD, GoldenEye, etc) those we can get here, so I dont think those would need to be posted. Same goes for GBA games.

  4. whats the price on panasonic q's?

  5. Can you get any keitai straps? Better yet, how about soundtracks? (You might have better luck than me).

  6. No worries, Bandit - its all cool; I'm a Brit so I don't really know what you can't get in the US - thanks for the info, I'll update the list now to take out the N64 and GBA stuff. I wonder how many non-US folks hang out here? Not many I guess... ^_^

    DD and 7F; PMs sent...

  7. Check your PMs PriestJPN, have some requests.

  8. Your PM box is full, so I'll just post my requests here:

    Was wondering if you could get me prices on the following as well, new or mint complete:

    Xanac Neo PS1
    Psyvariar Capture box
    XII Stag



  9. Friend of mine is looking for a copy of beatmania iidx 3rd style (new or used in good condition)

    if you find one could you give a price quote?

  10. Corrected PS2 Psyvaria prices posted - about $11/$12 less.
    Also Zelda Box added to books section...


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