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Thread: Japanese gaming goods direct from Tokyo!!

  1. Hey Priest,

    I don't know if even YOU could find this but I'd thought I'd give it a shot. Back when Majora's Mask was released for N64, they released one of these limited edition adventure sets that included:

    1 copy of Majora's Mask
    1 sound TRACK double CD- music OF the Ancients
    1 wrist-watch -Mystic Clocktown Watch
    1 t-Shirt- Majora's Magic robe
    1 Majora pin -Badge OF Braveness
    1 Zelda pin -Eternal power Badge
    1 giant poster -Mysterious barrier PAPER
    1 sticker -Mark of OF the Chosen
    1 Certificate of Authocation

    there was 1000 of them made for Europe I think but there may be some that have landed there in the heart of Japan.

  2. Originally posted by PriestJPN
    OK, quick update - that Rez pack isn't cheap but it seems to be available in a few places; I'll find out an final price for you both....

    If anyone still hasn't got a PM yet, don't worry I'm looking for your stuff now! ^_^
    Doubly awesome.

  3. I live in Japan too, and yeah, those are some inflated prices. Especially since if you're in Japan you can order from and they give you free shipping. You can get new copies of Zelda GC there for like $28 USD now. PN03 is about $45 there (I have no clue why you're charging $70 for that!), though it's an AWFUL game.

    I realise you're trying to make a profit here, PriestJPN.

  4. Also could I get you to look into the original playstation's Beamanias? I don't have a jps2 but I do have my ps1 modded.

  5. What would be the damage, if you can track one down, for a copy of the Elemental Gimmick Gear OST?

    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  6. blueskied,

    If you'd read the previous posts you'd also know that I've been pretty busy and haven't updated the price lists for a while; its quite a long list and takes a lot to maintain it - thats why I ask people to CHECK with me when they request stuff.

    I don't use Amazon as it often costs MORE than going to Akihabara, plus the fact they have a more limited range of products (i.e. no retro or older stuff / special orders) and its interesting to note that while PN03 might have been slated in the west, I've sold more copies of that than Soul Calibur 2 on all formats. I haven't played it myself, but it does seem pretty popular.

    Where in Japan do you live, BTW?

  7. Originally posted by PriestJPN

    Where in Japan do you live, BTW?
    In Aichi Prefecture, in a small town a bit southeast of Nagoya.

  8. Cool - I'll do my best to update these prices, but I am hellishly busy these days...^_^ Gimme a shout if you're in Tokyo anytime!

  9. just out of curiosity, what do you 2 guys do in Japan? study, work? I should be going this summer, but I might want to stay longer. I will have my friend Masaya with me for the summer, but if I decide to come back or stay I will be doing it solo. Any survival tips?

  10. I work here, but its not teaching...^_^ As for survival tips, what particularly would you like to know?


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