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Thread: Otakon 2k3

  1. Otakon 2k3

    Anyone else going this year? I know Chux and a few others were around last year, but I couldn't locate anyone.

  2. My girlfriend pre-registered me for Valentines day... consider me there I know Korly, and Shin Myk are going because I'm gettin a hotel room with 'em.

  3. When is it again?

  4. August 8, 9, 10


  5. Hm... is it better than MagFest?

  6. Wow that's like right in my tavel radius...Anyone here wanna go as a group to save 5$ . I may just go for a weekend.

  7. Originally posted by 88mph
    Hm... is it better than MagFest?
    I don't know... never been.
    What I DO know is that it's basically your usual anime convention, only much, much bigger.
    That means assloads of bad cosplay to laugh at.

  8. 88, the only one who can answer the is it better than Magfest would have to be Korly. Burg too I believe. Korly didn't leave halfway through the con either, take that as you will... I've been going since 2000, it's fun.

  9. I may possibly if all hell freezes over, be able to go.

  10. Wow... just looking at the site, there are no Japanese guests...
    Fuck buckets, what the hell? I want to meet some creators of something! I don't want signatures from wacky American semi-doujinshi writers!
    Ah, well. At least this won't detract from my main reason of going to Otakon: Buying lots of shit.


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