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    On a recommendation from a good friend of mine, I purchased Project ARMS at a hobby store near my job.

    It looks really interesting, and from what I've been told, will live up to my expectations.

    Only thing is, it won't play in my DVD player! I took it back to the store, but it worked in their player and basically told me "we're not responsible for incompatibility issues".

    So, I'm stuck with it. Not a problem. I plan on getting a multi-region DVD player at some point in the near future anyway.

    Has anyone else seen this? Any impressions, opinions, or first thoughts?

  2. Did you buy Japanses Region 2 copy?? Because my HK 3 disk set works fine on my Toshiba player, and Region 0 coded.

    I seen 2 first episodes, and its ok so far. Its little bit low budget, but the story is interesting, and there been some good fighting.

    I will post my impressions, once I watch few more episodes.

    Good luck with your dvd though.

  3. Nah dude, it's the 3-disk box set. It has that shiny foil on the cover. It's probably the same one you have.

    I just think that for whatever reason, my DVD player just won't read it. Never had a problem with other region-free discs, but there's a first time for everything.

    My friend thinks it might be Region 0 (even though it says 3 on the back of the boxset), which is different from region-free . Some players don't recognize Region 0.

    Well, until I'm able to watch these myself, I'll be looking forward to your impressions.


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