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Thread: Criticoms' A list.

  1. Criticoms' A list.

    All of the below are super great traders!

    TobalRox (That took a while to work out. :-p)

    Hopefully, more to come.

  2. Add to that list,

    BEBOPlover. Really great trader. he kept in contact, and shipped exactly when he siad he would. Thanks for the trade! the Items look great.

  3. #3
    You forgot me, foo! I sent you something a long time ago......
    Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi View Post
    SNK is like an abusive boyfriend; he keeps hitting me, and I want to leave him, but then I think about the good times we have together and keep telling myself I'll give him just one more chance to change.

  4. :-o

    Add fighterX to this godly list. He was the coolest of all. Send me a new DC game for freeness!!!! OMG he is the coolestness! :-D

  5. Add haohmaru.
    Great guy, fast shipping. All around a good trader!

  6. Add PaCrappa to this here list. excellent trader.

  7. I'm a good trader. We kind of did 2 different trades.

  8. lol.. I forgot about you dood! since we didn't work the trades out here. I didn't remember to put you on this list.

    You = the awesomest. Trustworthy ten times over.

  9. FPM <-- great trader

  10. Add yet another great trade for SegaSaturnBomberman our second.
    As good as they get.


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