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Thread: For Sale

  1. For Sale

    Steel Battalion.
    The game, instruction manuals and registration card.


    Controller and pedals

    I'm asking 150 dollars for the game. Insured shipping should fall between 28 and 32 dollars.

    Saturn games


    All games are in great condition, but I no longer have the spine cards for Marvel vs SF, Power Drift, and Parodius Deluxe Pack. Parodius: Forever With Me is new.



    Radiant Silvergun is in great condition. I no longer have the spine card though.

    Willing to except a fair prices for the Saturn games. I have an offer for Silvergun, but am not sure if the buyer is going to come through at the moment.

    Thanks for taking a look.
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  2. Pics don't work.

  3. They do for me.

  4. You have a PM

  5. Now they work!

    How much for Power Drift?

  6. I'll give you $30 for Parodius: Forever with Me.
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