Its official! Working Designs has shipped <b>Arc the Lad Collection</b> for the PS One platform.

After over a year of preparation, this huge collection including <i>Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad 2, Arc the Lad 3</i>, and a bonus <i>Arc Arena</i> monster battle disc should be a treat for anyone whose a fan of the genre.

In addition to the four complete games, a number of extras were included. Fans can see how the translation process took place on this hefty project with the half hour long "Making of Arc the Lad" movie disc.

Returning from the <i>Lunar 2</i> set is the fan favorite 'Omake Box' which includes 4 analog stick covers with character portraits on them, a memory card case featuring a main character, and the famous charcter standees.

To top it all off, a leatherette hard bound instruction manual is packed tightly into the set. This manual is 150+ pages and is printed in full color, continuing to show that Working Designs truely cares about their fans.