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Thread: Retro videogame magazines

  1. Retro videogame magazines

    Anyone here old enough to remember these magazines? Talk about a time warp.

    Video Games Magazine April 84 edition has an arcade game on the cover that I've never played but always wanted to. I'd like to think Star Rider was the prelude to the whole Road Rash series.

  2. ugh. 982367 popups. seems like a cool site, but my computer feels dirty now.(

  3. Yeah I know..

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    This site is great. I didn't start buying video game magazines until the late '80's so checking out the older stuff is awesome. Now if they could scan every page of these mags, that would be perfect.

  5. I miss my old copy of EGM (turbografx-16 vs genesis cover)
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  6. Anyone have the SNES World Heroes flyer where it says, "Life's a bitch!" and Janne is chopping the 'Bitch' part off with her sword?

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    I'm sure I have that World Heroes ad in some magazine in my closet. Funny stuff.

  8. The 16-bit mag ads ruled all. I loved the Skitchin' bitchen' one.
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  9. It brings me to tears to see issue 3 and 5 of Electronic Games. I once had those 2 issues in mint condition. My parents moved and the magazines were forever lost, as I was going to school in Pheonix at the time.

    Electronic Games was such a great magazine in the early 80's, when arcades were plentiful and so was the coverage in Electronic Games. Issue 5 had a 4 page layout of the making of TRON. God I wish I still had that issue.

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    How often do these old mags(early '80's ones) show up at thrift stores? It just occurred to me that I never look in their magazine piles.


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