Rygar: The Legendary Adventure to be showcased at E3...

Last year, Tecmo wowed E3 attendees with a sneak peek at the Xbox exclusive Dead or Alive 3, a title that has created monumental success for Microsoft's platform. In lieu of this year's pre-E3 announcements, Tecmo officially confirmed that <b>Rygar: The Legendary Adventure</b> sill grace the PS2 later this year. (What? No Ninja Gaiden!?!) It's been highly speculated by a number of print publications, in which the company has sprinkled the media with information over the past few months.

Fans of the Nintendo classic are expected to marvel at what's in store for them. Morevover, Tecmo has high hopes for the game, categorizing it as a "AAA action title" and is certain that it will "rock the video game industry at E3 when the full details of the game are revealed".

"We can hardly contain our excitement. When the industry finally gets to see Rygar at E3, it will be blown away.," said John Inada, General Manager, Tecmo, Inc. . "We are confident that both old and young PlayStation 2 gamers will be extremely happy with Rygar."

I'd be happier with an updated installment to Ninja Gaiden, but that's just me.