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Thread: About pics in my sig

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    About pics in my sig

    I didn't know exactly were to put this so i did it here since this seems like the most logical place.

    I see people with custom pics and what not for there sigs and i was just wondering what softwere is needed to make such pics and is sad softwere affordable for the everyday working brotha.

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  2. Try Paint Shop Pro. Comes in a 30 day evaluation period, and it's more or less fully featured and simple to use.

  3. Photoshop's good too.

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  4. Microsoft Photo Editor works well for resizing, cropping, rotation and other basic stuff.

    If you're on Linux, try Gimp.

  5. and try not to make them really big or bahn gets mad

  6. Photoshop is rad. Get on Kazaa... I'll let you "borrow" my copy.

  7. Irfanview is decent for small jobs. It's a small program and it's versatile. You can download it from, it's freeware.
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