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Thread: A small edit request

  1. A small edit request

    I was wondering if you could make it so when a post/thread is edited that the thread gets bumped up like it was before?

    This would be extremely useful in the Tradedepot especially

  2. Before? vBulletin never did that by default.

  3. Originally posted by cka
    Before? vBulletin never did that by default.
    It used to, I'm not sure what version but it definately did at one time

  4. I actually don't think it's possible to have a thread bump if editted without some crazy hacking, since the forum orders threads by the date started and not by the date editted... In order to get them to order by the edit date, something would need to be set up that injects the edit date into the start date, therein screwing the entire thread over if there are any replies (since the first post has a later start date than the replies.)


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