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Thread: Several rare Saturn games I would like to sell.

  1. Several rare Saturn games I would like to sell.

    I have a handful of old Saturns games that I will no longer be playing. I have several that are quite hard to come by.

    The most rare of the lot is Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    I also have Shining Force 3 and Shining the Holy Ark.

    I have a few others, but these are my most valued games.

    I am open to offers. PM me or just bump the thread. I have a HUGE amount of other games I am selling for other systems as well.
    Quit blaming the controller.

  2. Got any DC imports?
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  3. Zorro, I'll keep you in mind in the next few weeks once I restock my funds.
    It's a mirror image!

  4. Phoenix is wondering if you have Tobal 2?

    How about a list of the action you intend to sell?

    Might be worth your while....
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