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Thread: Modded Gamecube system for sale/trades welcome

  1. Modded Gamecube system for sale/trades welcome

    Hey guys. I am in real need of money, and fast. This is probably one of the most valuable items I can part with at the moment. It comes with:

    1 System-black
    1 Nintendo brand controller-black
    1 AV cables
    1 AC adapter

    There is a mod switch on the back that you press to select USA/JAP games. Not sure if it plays PAL as I have yet to try it. Not really looking for a set price for this thing, just looking for offers. I know I would like to get at least a hundred for it. It's in excellent condition. Pics available as well.

  2. How do you want for it? That would be appreciated. I just want it so I can play the Naruto game in case it doesn't come to America (Which I don't expect it to)

  3. my guess would be at least a hundred....he does state that.

  4. Yeah, at least a hundred. Got anything you'd like to trade or anything for it?

  5. Oh boy, sorry I guess I haven't been paying much attention to anything lately. I don't usually trade cause I'm a pack rat, and I probably won't buy it, because boot disks are cheaper ^.^

  6. Anyone else interested still? I still have it.

  7. Check your PMs.

  8. Please respond to my PM's so I know when I can expect to receive this item. Thank you.

  9. I have sent you a PM as I have yet to receive anything. Please shed some insight into this situation. Thanks.

  10. Josh,

    I have remained patient, but this is unacceptable. You have chosen not to respond to a number of PM's I have sent you inquiring as to the status of my refund. The two most significant PM's I have received from you are:

    5-29-2003: You inform me that you have received the $100 and will send out the modded Gamecube very shortly, that Friday to be exact.

    6-10-2003: You inform me that you will no longer be able to ship the modded Gamecube and that you have mailed a $100 refund to me the previous day, on 6-09-2003.

    It takes me a little under 5 hours to drive out to Saginaw; there is no reason I can think why I would not have received my $100 14 days after you said you mailed it. I have been willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and refrained from making any accusations, but your refusal to respond to my PM's - which you've read and disregarded - or any posts in this thread has given me no reason to prolong my patience.

    The $100 is mine and I expect it back within the next 10 days with the mailing to be postmarked no later than June 27th, 2003.


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