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Thread: Kunoichi // Nightshade

  1. News Kunoichi // Nightshade

    Sega recently announced Kunoichi for PS2.

    Games_are_fun have just confirmed that the game is being developed by Overworks; the developers of the brilliant PS2 incarnation of Shinobi!

    Here is the description of the game from Sega PR:

    "Kunoichi (working title)" (PlayStation 2): A rift to the demon realm has placed Tokyo in great peril. As Kunoichi, a deadly female ninja, you are charged with the task of collecting the scattered pieces of a legendary weapon while dispatching a relentless army of powerful demonic foes. [This title is not yet concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America]

    It may or may not be related to Shinobi, but the description sounds interesting (if vague) and the fact that Overworks is the developer has rocketed this game to the top of my most interested list. I can't wait for more info at E3!

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    Being a huge ninja game fan, I can't wait for this. I hope it isn't too similar to PS2 Shinobi since that game will likely get a sequel anyway.

  3. Sounds cool, doubt it's related to Shinobi, but I'm an idiot. This years E3 is going to fucking own all.

  4. Concept sounds cut and paste from the description for O-ti-gi, only with a swapped gender. I like Overworks, but I'll wait for some screens before getting excited.
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  5. Yadda yadda yadda.

    Demons....blah the world...blah blah blah.....*retch*

    Been there done that.

    Spare me the lame ass story and convince me to buy a PS2, Sega.

  6. Sounds good to me. "Kunoichi" is a term for a female ninja. "Shinobi" is another word for "ninja." I'm almost positive this is a sequel to the PS2 Shinobi.

    Female character + ninjas + solid fighting engine =

  7. It's an action game so the story/plot is not that important. The setting is.... and the setting sounds good to me. Besides Shinobi itself had a fine story, so Overworks has shown they can provide a decent enough story as a backdrop to their incredible ninja action gameplay.

    Shinobi Ending Spoiler: For those who completed Shinobi - the game did not exactly leave itself open to a direct sequel, eh? After you defeat Hiruko, the entire complex collapses and you are led to believe that Hotsuma went down with it. His mission was complete.

    I really like how - like a great movie - they left it open to interpretation though. Maybe he lived. Or maybe he died. In the terms of the plot it didn't really matter. So... Perhaps Hotsuma's fate is a part of the plot for Kunoichi? Perhaps the game is simply set in the same world? Perhaps Kunoichi and Shinobi II are different games set in the same world? Perhaps "Kunoichi" is Oboro?

    I guess we'll find out.

  8. Nah, I hope it's about Zeed and Joe Musashi's clan.

  9. I loved Shinobi, so I expect this to rather fantastic as well. But I think this might indeed be the sequal to Shinobi, but with a name change and character change. But I don't think a character change is going to improve the sales or anything. I just don't think people liked the game play all that much. I imagine more than just the character will be changed. Sega is Sega, I imagine it will be great.
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

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    I'm hoping it's a Ninja Princess sequel but the odds of that are extremely slim.


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