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Thread: April Challenge - Kamui's Cammy

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    April Challenge - Kamui's Cammy

    geez, I started this thing back in March and here I am posting it. Did a little last touches today and here it is

  2. :3 Niiiiice job. The materials look material and I like the subtle shading. Not too dark and not too light. The bra's the best colored part, ;P no surprise, but the jean shorts are also nicely done. The skin's shading should probably be a little more smooth and blended. In some parts, like the stomach, it looks like she just has more tan. The only part that reeeeeally bothers me is the squeeze-bottle... At least I think that's it. It looks like it could use a little more shading around the lid and left edges...

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    Thanks, Finch! I shade pretty lightly, and sometimes it ends up too light (can't see much in the hair on this picture). Thanks about the shorts, I was wondering if it would be ok. The water bottle was one of those last touch things I did, looks like you caught me .

  4. The hair looks fine. Cammy has really light hair anway. Maybe it could be a little bit darker in the back or behind the big loop thing on her front (to show depth), but it's nothing to be concerned about.

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    Wow, that's EXTREMELY good! I think that may very well be my favorite pic ever in the Galleria


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