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Thread: My take on the Goldenboy DVD.

  1. My take on the Goldenboy DVD.

    And now ladies and gents, MY version of a web review.

    After all this time, ADV finally got that crackpipe outta their ass and gave Kintaro the props he deserved with the Goldenboy DVDs. Enough prancing around, let's get right into this shizzy...

    VIDEO - 3/5

    I'm no real DVD expert, so don't expect to hear "artifacting" and all that other crap. I do know that the video quality on this sucker is average at best, only slightly better than the VHS. ADV better start gettin the hang of DVD though, cause Pioneer is still makin them their bitch.

    The subs have changed, some for the good ("C" instead of the infamous "C-base"), some for the bad (some parts of the old subs delivered the jokes better).

    AUDIO - 5/5

    Crystal clear. I even heard some sound effects that I didn't catch on the VHS versions. Solid. Both dubs are of superb quality, though the English Kintaro does overact at times.

    PACKAGING - 4/5

    Not bad...not bad at all. Naoko is scrumptious Though the subtitle is confusing: "Treasure Hunt"? The hell? ADV must've mistaken this for Nadia or somethin.

    MENUS/EXTRAS - 3/5

    Cool way to do the menus guys, using Kintaro's notebook. Very stylish.

    Extras are unbelievably sparse though. Image gallery doesn't contain ANY exclusive art, just shots from the episodes. And the "Clean opening/credits" extra is a JOKE. [sarcasm]Wow, a whole BLACK SCREEN as an extra! ADV is a GENIUS!!![/sarcasm]

    CONTENT - 5/5

    Now to the real meat of the review. Let's do this.

    If you're unfamiliar with this series, I'll give you a brief rundown. The main guy, Kintaro Oe, is a "freeter", someone who works various jobs from time to time. He's a Tokyo University dropout who left after "mastering the entire curriculum"(a point the series constantly drives home at the end of each episode), and has devoted his life to studying, well, life. And fortunately for him, women happen to be part of the lesson plan

    The whole series revolves around Kintaro's escapades, and as you go along for the ride, you'll be laughin your ass off as Kintaro gets into all kinds of funky situations(being a pervert, those things tend to happen). On the surface, one could easily write off the series as a mere hentai-fest with no substance. Look beyond that exterior though, and you'll find a show that truly delivers more than you could've ever expected, with a main guy who isn't your typical "I'm a loser, I need a GF badly" character, but someone who is cheerful and enthusiastic all the way.


    A very solid series proves to be the saving grace of an otherwise average DVD. You want a solid show that delivers everything from comedy to drama with a side of good fanservice thrown in, then you need to watch this.

    Buy it. NOW. Or I'm gonna have to open up a can of whoopass(thank you episode three)

  2. I told you I had it.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    I told you I had it.
    Shush boy, or I might go Highlander on your ass


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