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Thread: PS2 for Sale

  1. PS2 for Sale

    PS2 system
    Power cable
    AV Cable
    1 Dual Shock 2

    System is in like new condition. It does not have any "Disc Read errors" great condition but no box. I do have the manual though.

    Hope to sell for a reasonable amount. Hoping for $85.00 with shipping.

  2. would you happen to know what version it is?
    actually i dont care, ill take it.

  3. I'm 10 minutes too late!

  4. #4
    and me 40 minutes too late.

  5. LMAO

    Going once to the Dragon Master, going twice...

    It's a 3901.

  6. can i ask why you are selling it? is there something wrong with it? the price sounds too good to be true. i am not trying to test your honesty or anything, just wondering.

  7. I know the price is a little riduculous. I would sell it a little over $100 but I need the money as soon as possible.

    The System it self is in mint condition/like new. Nothing is wrong with it.

  8. sent ya pm buddy.

  9. Originally posted by Dragonmaster Dyne
    sent ya pm buddy.


  10. ...

    Hey Dragon I've got a perfect condition Monster s-vid cable for the PS2 for sale in my thread...that would go nicely with your new PS2...
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"


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