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Thread: The Weekly Haul - Volume Two

  1. The Weekly Haul - Volume Two

    An all new week of "The Weekly Haul", presenting the team's current thoughts of the games of old and new that they've indulged over the recent week.

    You know the deal, click <a href="" target="top">here</a> for the scoop.

    (Hm, here's a thought...we may have to eventually have to drop the Volume names, or we may have to use roman numerals)

  2. I love this column!

    Keep it up guys !!!

  3. Originally posted by Master
    I love this column!

    Keep it up guys !!!

    I hope I can speak for the group when I say, we're happy you enjoy it.

  4. i tought their was a new rule, of no this weeks Haul threads...

    Keep it up guys

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!

  5. Thanks, we are pleased to see that you are enjoying these features. In addition to this, we have other features that we will be introducing in the immediate future, some of which will consist of editorial columns (mine at least, can't speak for anyone else)

  6. Heh, cool idea. I like how this works. Gives out good impressions and we can see different people's views on games (in the case of Virtua Fighter 4 especially).

  7. That was very well written by everyone. Nice feature, keep it up.
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