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Thread: Neo Implosion: New Items added 7/9

  1. Neo Implosion: New Items added 7/9

    *NOTE* New items added July 9th, a few price changes too. List will be up another week or two then items will be moved to Ebay.

    First point, all items are complete unless otherwise noted. I can accept paypal or MO, no checks though. Shipping starts at $3.50 for priority mail, delivery confirmation and insurance is extra. I will ship at media rates if requested as well. Yell if you have any questions or need to know the condition of a game. NOTICE: DO NOT EMAIL ME, USE PM OR POST HERE.

    Here's a few items I'm looking for:

    Legend of Hero Tomna Turbo (complete)
    Bionic Commando Original GB (complete)
    Ninja Gaiden Shadow original GB (complete)
    Bonk's Revenge Original GB (complete)
    Project Justic DC (complete)
    Hagane SNES (complete)
    Super Turrican 2 SNES (complete)

    TurboGrafx/ PCE

    Vasteel 2 (PCE SCD/ACD) $15
    Bikiuriman World (PCE Hu/ PCE Wonderboy in Monsterland) $20
    Old Grandpa (PCE Hu platformer) $10 SOLD
    Burning Angels (PCE Hu shooter) $17
    Final Blaster (PCE Hu shooter) $17
    Cyber Combat Police (PCE Hu platformer) $12
    Blue Blink (PCE Hu platformer) $10 SOLD
    God Panic (PCE SCD shooter) $25
    Sword Master (PCE SCD strategy-RPG) $30
    L-Dis (PCE CD shooter) $18
    Time Cruise 2 (PCE Hu pinball) $15
    TV Sports Football Turbo (complete) $3 SOLD
    World Class Baseball Turbo (complete) $3
    R-type Turbo (complete) $15
    Takin it to the Hoop Turbo (complete) $3
    Bonk's Adventure Turbo (complete) $8 SOLD
    Raiden Turbo (case, manual, Hu) $7 SOLD
    Dragon's Curse (crack in jewel case, no cardboard box) $10


    Summer Jampack 2003 (playable Silent Hill 3 demo) $4
    Victorious Boxers Demo (brand new, cool little demo for a cool little game) $3
    Wipeout Fusion $9
    Yanya Caballista City Skater $10 (mint, box still in plastic, skateboard never used)


    Tail of the Sun (manual wear, crack in jewel case) $10
    MDK $3
    Shooter Space Shot $4
    Sol Divide (new) $6
    Gatchaman the Shooting $10 (import) spine SOLD
    Moon Cresta $10 (import) spine
    Tall Infinity $10 (import) spine SOLD
    Kaettekita Cyborg Kuro Chan $25 (import) spine
    Night Raid (mint/spine card) $45 SOLD
    Umiharakawase First Edition (different cover art, a few different stages and cinemas, harder to find than second ed.) $50

    Gameshark (useful for imports, comes with cart, video tape) $9
    Musapey's Choco Marker (new, 3D arcade puzzle, recommended) 2 copies $36 apiece BOTH SOLD
    Gundam Battle Online (on/offline strategy game, spine, mint) $10
    Charge N Blast (complete, worn) $2 SOLD
    Shadowman (complete with map) $6
    Sega GT $9
    Test Drive V-Rally $8
    Sega Bass Fishing 2 $15
    Soldier of Fortune $15 SOLD
    Kiss Psycho Circus $5
    Quake 3 Arena $5
    Star Lancer $15
    Wetris + (no back cover, worn) $1 SOLD
    Roadsters $1


    Hybrid Heaven (box wear) $7
    Dezaemon 3D (tabs removed from cart, otherwise mint) $45
    Banjo-Tooie (new) $12
    Body Harvest (mint) $9
    Goldeneye 007 (some cart wear) $8


    Magic Boy (still in plastic, mint) $8
    Super Bowling (some wear) $8
    Super Earth Defense Force (cart) $3
    Kirby Super Star (cart) $17
    Earthbound (cart/sticker) $23
    GDLEEN (first Super Famicom RPG, like Phantasy Star 2, cart/manual) $20


    Bomberman Generations (mint, used once) $20
    Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2 (serial number never used, mint cond) $30 SOLD

    Sega CD

    Wonder Dog $15
    Chuck Rock $7

    Genesis (all games are $1 unless noted otherwise)

    Lotus 2
    NBA Showdown 94
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    NBA Jam T.E. 32X $3
    Skeleton Krew (outer sleeve, manual, cart) $5
    Madden 95
    Madden 96
    Aladdin (cart/manual) SOLD
    Syndicate (cart) $2
    Sonic 3D Blast (cart)
    World of Illusion (cart, box)
    Forgotten Worlds (cart) SOLD
    Target Earth (box only) .50 SOLD


    Wrestlemania Arcade Game $1 SOLD
    MYST $1 SOLD
    Galaxy Fight $5
    Johnny Bazookatone $5
    Purirula (import side scroll fighter) $25 SOLD
    Shining Force 3 Sen 3 (new, import) $30
    Gun Frontier (import shooter) $25 SOLD
    Kyukyoku Tiger Plus 2 (import, Tiger Heli 2) $32 SOLD
    Keio 2 (import/spine) $45
    Konami 30 in 1 MSX collection (import)$18
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (import, game, case, manual) $12 SOLD
    Dragon Force 2 (brand new)$55
    The Conveni 2 (import, new, Conveniece store sim) $20
    Tryrush Deppy (import, car platformer) $30
    Magical School Lunar (mint, spine, cards) $55
    Hissatsu (import, rare Ronin action platformer) $60 SOLD
    Power Drift (import, with spine card) $30


    Zelda Link to the Past (new, GBA) $18
    Phalanx (still in plastic, GBA) $8
    Blender Bros (still in plastic, GBA) $8
    Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland (in plastic, GBA) $18
    Boulder Dash EX (in plastic, GBA) $7
    Warioland 4 (GBA) $13
    Trax (in plastic, Original GB) $15 SOLD
    Degenki Blocks (GBA) $8
    Advance Wars (in plastic, GBA) $15
    Kid Icarus (Original GB, cart only) $7
    Gradius Interstellar Assault (Original GB, cart/manual) $10
    Mr. Driller (in plastic, GBC) $8 SOLD
    Mr. Driller 2 ( import, GBA) $25 SOLD
    Ereader w/ Air Hockey, Balloon Fight, Excitebike, Demos $30
    Sega Smash Pack (in plastic, GBA) $5


    The Animatrix $10
    Metropolis (viewed once) $10 SOLD
    Clerks Animated Series $7 SOLD
    The Black Hole (sci-fi, never viewed) $5


    Wings of Honneamise (viewed once) $7
    Ren and Stimpy (In the Army, Yaksmen) $4
    Record of the Lodoss War Box Set $40
    Angel of Darkness 3 (hentai) $15

    Music CDs All music is $7 unless noted otherwise

    Area 88 game Soundtrack (UN Squadron)- includes sticker, spine, sheet music for a few stages $25
    Sonic Boom (from Sonic 3 promo, collection of Sonic music) $10
    Comix Zone $4
    Mr. Hanky's Christmas Classics
    Underworld "beacoup Fish" SOLD
    Orbital "The middle of Nowhere" SOLD
    The Best of the Dead Milkmen
    The Crow: Motion Picture Score
    Bloodhound Gang: Hooray for Boobies


    Xbox magazine May 2003: Wolfenstien demo $2
    NES Mega Man 3 cart only $5
    NES Ice Hockey .75 SOLD
    SNES Brandish manual $1
    Toejam Earl 2 manual $1
    Tecmo Bowl NES manual .25
    Various Atari/Coleco vision manuals *ask*
    JJ And Jeff Turbo manual .25
    Ogre Battle PSone stickers and layout sheet $2.50
    Large Ikaruga Gamecube promo box $1 SOLD
    Gamefan Vol 8 iss 9 (Ecco, Jet Grind, Third Strike) 1.50 SOLD
    Vol 5 Iss 8 (Final Fantasy 7, E3) 1.50 SOLD
    Vol 3 iss 12 (Hermie Hopperhead, Street Fighter Alpha, Mana 3) 1.50 SOLD
    Megafan iss 1 1.50 SOLD
    Megafan iss 2 1.50 SOLD
    PS2 black t-shirt (size large) $5

    Phantasy Star 2 hintbook *offer*
    Sword of Vermillion hintbook *offer*

    Nintendo 64 launch kit- cardboard suitcase adorned with N64 logo, contents include X-large t shirt, CD of game music, VHS tape, stickers, and dog tag. It has been in a plastic bag since I got it and nothing has been opened or unfolded. *offer*

    Thanks for looking! *-neo

  2. That Gundam Battle Online... maybe.

    What do you know about it?

    EDIT: On second thought, nevermind, I thought this was the DC rev of Gundam vs Zeon. Sorry about that.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  3. no problem.

    Incidentally both copies of Musapey are now pending. *-neo

  4. There are quite a few games I am interested in, problem is, I just sent $400 to a friend of mine in Japan so I'm broke. If you could hold onto these for me I should be able to round up the cash in about 3 weeks(likely sooner). It'd be a BIG help if you could hold onto these and I'd truly appreciate it. Let me know.

    Bonk's Adventure Turbo (complete) $8
    Raiden Turbo (case, manual, Hu) $7
    Soldier of Fortune(DC) $15

    Johnny Bazookatone $5
    Purirula (import side scroll fighter) $25
    Gun Frontier (import shooter) $25

  5. P


  6. check it!!!

    sent you PM on some wants...:jest:
    killing with style!

  7. Undead, no problem the items can be held. If you happen to forget I can send a nice gent named Sal to remind you .

    Videodrone and Fuchikoma, you have replies. *-neo

  8. Neoalphazero,
    Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I can now tell my friend to stop looking for Gun Frontier and Pulirula for me. I've just got a few questions.

    1. Do any of the Saturn games contain the spine card?
    2. Are there any scratches on the games?
    3. Anything I should know about, like torn manuals or anything?
    4. The total not including S&H is $85 right? Could you give me an estimate as far as S&H goes?

    That's it. Again, thanks a ton. I'll keep in touch. I really appreciate this. If I weren't so broke I'd buy even more. If you need to get ahold of me either post here, leave me a PM or email me at

  9. Undead, sent you a PM. *-neo

  10. Both Musapey's are sold, Johnny Bazookatone was added back to the list. *-neo


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