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Thread: Movies you saw in theater more than once and movies you saw on opening day

  1. Movies you saw in theater more than once and movies you saw on opening day

    I haven't seen to many movies more than once in theaters but this is what I have seen more than once in theaters...

    Godzilla (This movie sucked! Seeing it twice sucked twice as much as seeing it once.)

    Star Wars Episode 1 (Wasn't that great of a movie but I thought I would go see it again just to see E.T. in the senate room)

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (I couldn't get enough of it the fist time I saw it so I had to go see it again. It was worth it)

    Movies I saw on opening day...

    Street Fighter (The only thing I remember about this was seeing the trailer for the MK movie.)

    Mortal Kombat (I was around 12 or 13 when I saw this. I almost had to sit on the floor the place was so packed but I found a seat between to big people which sucked)

    Mortal Kombat Annihlation (Did I ever regret seeing this. The only cool thing of the movie was the short ass fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero)

    Batman Forever (This became my second favorite Batman movie. I thought Val Kilmer made a pretty good Batman. The movie had a pretty good cast also: Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Val Kilmer, Chris O'Donnel, and Drew Barrymore (in a small role)

    Jurrasic Park 2 (the original was better)

    The Mummy (Pretty good movie, the theater was packed)

    The Mummy Returns (same as above)

    Kiss of the Dragon (Probably Jet Li's best American movie)

    Jurassic Park 3 (blah)

    The One (Eh, it was alright. The last fight scene ruled though)

    EDIT: Jimmy Neutron and Lord of the Rings I also saw on opening day
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  2. Movies I went to see more than once:

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship - 5 times, once on the IMAX screen

    Phantom Menace - 3 times, once on the IMAX screen

    Dude Where's My Car - We would hit the bathrooms with a one hitter every half-hour or so, I think we stayed to see it 3 times that night.

    Orignal SW trilogy re-release - had to of gone at least 4 times for each one.

    Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back - 3 times me thinks

    Movies seen on opening day:

    LOTR: Fellowship - midnight, damn was I tired at 3:30 am.

    Phantom Menace - skiped school to wait in line for the first showing



    American Pie 2

    I'm sure there were others on both lists but that's what I can remember at the moment.

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  3. I've seen a bunch of movies the first night, but I think the best movie I saw a few weeks into the release had to be the night I saw Saving Private Ryan. I saw it on veteran's day weekend in NY; there were free tix being given to WWII vets and their families. I was in the theater with about 50 vets, and I remember the opening sequence left most of them in tears. Several widows had to leave the the theater during that sequence....
    After the movie, I saw a lot of the vets embracing and shaking hands. Several were crying. I still have alot of admiration for those men, knowing they had seen all that horror and all that death just to protect our country for schmuks like us. Seeing the movie with all these men that had so much emotion and so much pride was a very special experience, and I think it was probably one of the most memorable movie nights of my life.
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  4. Well, Me and my friend used to go to movies every weekend, so we caught alot of films in the last 6 or so years, but lately, I've been busy with my family, so we go to movies less. Still I do try to catch movies on the opening weekend when I'm really excited about them.

    Last ones we saw like that were, Blade 2, Resident Evil, and Time Machine. Next one will be Spiderman

    As for movies I seen multiple times:

    The Rock - Kick ass action film - 3 times during 1 week after release
    Starship Troopers - Another awesome film - 3 times
    From Dusk Till Dawn - Great Vamprie Action Horror - 2 times
    Con Air - Cool Action film - 2 times
    Armageddon - Cool Asteroid film - 2 times

  5. I've only started to go to the movies on a regular basis in the last three years. Of course, that has to do with the fact I get in free because of a certain friend of mine who gets free passes. Can't remember too many but here goes:

    More than once:
    Rush Hour 2-Twice. I enjoyed it so much I couldn't wait to buy it on DVD before seeing it again.
    Final Fantasy-Twice. Some of my friends were deadset on the movie being a giant turd, so I agreed to see it again so they would watch before judging.
    Blade 2-Three times. Do I even need to go into this one?
    Spriggan-Twice. The first time I missed a good portion of it because my local "theater" only shows there anime movies at about 2 or 3 in the morning.

    Opening Day:
    Predator-first movie I ever saw, and it still blows me away today.
    Serpent and the Rainbow-doubt anyone remembers this. Hell, I barely remember.
    Titan AE
    Rush Hour 2
    Final Fantasy
    Star Wars- the Phantom Menace-This was pretty funny; after hearing about people waiting in line for tickets a month ahead of time, I go the night before it opened and got mine with no hassle.
    Jimmy Neutron
    Lord of the Rings
    Tomb Raider
    Blade 2
    Lethal Weapon 4
    The Mummy
    Ransom-unexpected surprise.
    There's more, but this post has gone on long enough.

  6. I skipped my last class to go see Matrix on opening day. Went again with some friends that Friday and once more with my girlfriend. I was seriously wishing I had a fast foward button the second and third time.

    The only other film I can think of seeing more than once is Batman 2. I was in the 5th of 6th grade and went opening day with my parents, again with my aunt and one more time with my frined and his family.

  7. I've seen quite a few movies on opening day, but Phantom Menace and LOTR I had to see at the first showing. PM was a midnight showing, and I was lucky to get tickets. I seen PM twice in theatres, but I seen LOTR 4 times, and would have went another time for the Two Towers trailer if the theatres round here hadn't pulled it by then. I seen Princess Mononoke 4 times in the threatres too. When all the Star Wars rereleases were all out, I seen all three in a row one day. Whats the worst movie I seen more than once? I seen Batman Forever twice, sigh.


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