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Thread: Modified Genesis systems FS

  1. Modified Genesis systems FS

    Hey everyone -

    I've finally gotten my act together and finished work on a bunch of modified Genesis systems. These have been modified for S-Video output and playing import carts. I'm also selling systems with only one of the aforementioned mods, so if you don't feel like you'd use either the import switch or S-Video mods, you don't need to get it.

    The S-Video mod is very straightforward - the modded systems have an S-Video jack mounted on the back (or side, depending), and can be connected to an appropriate TV with any normal S-Video cable. If your TV supports it, S-Video gives an excellent picture - much better than the Genny's not-so-hot composite output! I've also installed stereo audio jacks, making it a lot easier to hook the Genny up to your sound system.

    The import switch mod will let you play any US, Japanese, or European carts on the console. It works basically the same as the Saturn mod - the switches will select between US, Japanese, and PAL modes. With this mod, you'll be able to play carts from any region, including "locked out" games such as Rockman Megaworld and Alien Soldier. PAL games can be set to run in 60hz, so there's no incompatability with US TVs (and vice-versa, of course). Import-modded systems have also had the cart slot altered to accommodate the larger Japanese carts. It's a lot more convenient than using a converter cart, and it works much better.

    Some sample pics of modded systems (please excuse the bad quality on some):

    Modded Gen1 (top view)
    Closeup of S-Video port
    Closeup of stereo jacks
    US/Japan and NTSC/PAL switches

    Fully modded Genesis 2 (top)
    Back view
    S-Video & A/V jacks
    Import switches (on the back this time)
    Cloesup of cart slot

    S-Video modded Genesis 3 (import switches not installed yet)
    Closer view of S-Video jack

    Right now, I have a whole lot of Gen1 systems, two Gen2s, and one Gen3 for sale. Prices are as follows:

    Genesis 1:
    - Complete system (Deck, A/V cable, controller, AC), with both mods: $55.00
    - Complete system with just one mod (import or S-Vid): $45.00
    - Deck only, both mods: $40.00
    - Deck only, one mod: $30.00

    Genesis 2:
    - Complete system, both mods: $60.00
    - Complete system, S-Video mod only: $50.00
    - Complete system, import mod only: $45.00
    (Deck-only Gen2 will be $15 less than the complete price)

    Genesis 3:
    - Complete, both mods: $60.00
    - Complete, S-Video only: $50.00
    (Only selling the Gen3 complete)

    If you already have a Genesis that you'd like modded, I'd be happy to do the mod for you. I'd charge $25 for one mod, or $35 for both. You'll notice that this ends up being almost as expensive as buying a loose system - this is because Genesis decks are really cheap around these parts and the prices I've quoted above are almost entirely for labour. However, if you have a more obscure and hard to get system such as the CDX, X'Eye, or Nomad, it would be more worth it.

    I can take payment by money orders, cheques, cash, and Paypal (in order of preference). Trades are welcome too - check my GameTZ page to see what I'm looking for. I will be happy to ship anywhere in the world, as long as you cover the postage costs. Shipping within the US (priority mail) should be anywhere between $15 (for a complete Gen1) and $7 (for the gen3 or a loose Gen2).

    If you'd like one, or have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me at, PM me, or reply here.


  2. Yes! Listen to him!

    Matt does a top job modding Gennys. I love mine and can recommend him whole-heartedly.

  3. I might go with the complete Gen 2 with both mods.
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan

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    I may have to pick up one of these bad boys after payday.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  5. Matt, how much would you charge to A/V mod my toploading NES?
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    burgundy is the only conceivable choice.
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  6. Jeremy, let me know if you'd like the Gen2. I still have one left that can do S-Video, so it's yours if nobody sneaks in before you.

    Burgundy, the NES mod would be $25 plus postage. Send me a PM if that sounds good

  7. Where do you the technical docs to do this? I may want to mod one of my systems this summer while Im rotting away in the East Coast humidity.

  8. I don't know of any instructions on the web, unfortunately. I figured out the mod by accident while working on some RGB converters for my supergun projects.

    Looking at this might help make things a bit clearer

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    Matt, I got a question for you. When using one of these modded Genesis 1s with a Sega CD, do you need to use the mixing cable that goes from the headphone jack to the back of the Sega CD?

    I wouldn't think so, since you normally only need it when hooking up to the stereo jacks of the Sega CD, but I thought I would check.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  10. You can still use the mixing cable if you want, but if you use the stereo jacks on the back of the Genny, it's not needed.

    One handy thing about the mixing cable, though, is that you can control the music volume independently of the sound effects. This can be a nice bonus on some games where the music's too quiet.


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