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Thread: $20 for Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick

  1. SoE is worth $20 bucks. SoE with Bruce Campbell and Deadites is worth $20 bucks too.
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  2. Originally posted by UndeadKing
    *Hangs self for having a slow PC*

    Seriously, I enjoyed SoE so I will likely pick this up. I think I am one of the few people who bought SoE on release day and didn't take it back.
    I kept mine as well. It was a ton of fun while it lasted, and I still pop it in every once in awhile for some mindless killing.
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  3. I played the new Evil Dead back at E3 2002, and the early demo was enjoyable. Sure, it was pure boomstick/chainsaw action, but the Bruce one-liners and missions make it worth checking out.

    I was talking with the producer of the game as well, and it's a continuation of the Army of Darkness storyline. So, if you're a fan of the series, the game should be worth checking out. Heck it's only $20, too.

  4. Originally posted by Orta
    Virtua Fighter Evolution is coming out at $20...
    And Mars Matrix came out at $20
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  5. Originally posted by Hero
    And Mars Matrix came out at $20
    The problem with both this and VF:Evo as comparison is both of those games made their money in arcades and full price Japanese releases already. This Evil Dead game needs to make back all of it's development costs at $20 a pop... which probably means it didn't cost very much to make at all.
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  6. I just caught some videos of the game at gamespot. It looks ok actually. Camera looked ok and the one liners were hilarious. Gameplay looked kinda fun too. I seen good amounts of weapons and even some funky bosses in one trailer. I've wasted $50 on shitty games before. Why not $20?

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  7. The SoE style of gameplay is perfect for Evil Dead. It should be a fun game, if nothing else.
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  8. It got decent reviews in the new issue of GI

  9. Originally posted by Javon_McCloud
    It got decent reviews in the new issue of GI

    Who cares. They gave Wario Ware a 7.5. They're dead.

  10. Nice. I didn't like SoE but I love the Evil Dead films. This is hitting Xbox and PS2, right?


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