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Thread: $20 for Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick

  1. Evil Dead won a coveted 'Shame of the Month' award in the July EGM.

  2. Originally posted by thray-walsh
    Evil Dead won a coveted 'Shame of the Month' award in the July EGM.

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    Originally posted by Javon_McCloud
    It got decent reviews in the new issue of GI

    They gave both the Getaway and the Xbox Dead to Rights 9's. Sure its opinion, but even people who liked both games cant deny they have flaws that make them unworthy of 9's.

  4. Shame of the month? Is the game that bad, or is EGM just unhappy that developers would take a game and slap different characters onto it?

    3DO has done this (Might & Magic/Shifters, Air Attack 2/Dragonrage, etc.) I'm interested in seeing how a decent company could do it. I do remember GameFan busting Sega's chops for reusing in-game music across games, though, so I shouldn't be surprised. Most of us don't see every game that comes out like reviewers do, so we really don't care.
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  5. Originally posted by unit003
    fuck, I keep waiting for evil dead 4 and we're still getting crappy videogames...
    The storyline for A Fist Full of Boomstick continues off the end of Army of Darkness, and is supported by Sam Raimi and producer Robert Tapert, so this is as close to an Evil Dead 4 as you're going to get -- until Evil Dead 4 comes out, that is.

  6. I just picked it up. mmm $20. Its a fun game actually. I played for a while and got to a museum. The weapons are fun. You get the boomstick and chainsaw almost right away. The game is pretty much kill everything in sight, find new items, kill more shit. Then there little story elements every now and then. Theres a lot of Bruce Campbell voice work too. You can taunt with triangle. But he says stuff everynow and then. "heres a double can of whup ass!" So far its a pretty decent game. The same music plays a LONG time and the Dearborn area took forever to finish. Now I wonder how long the game really is.. I bet I'm almost done already.

    Theres also move that impales an enemy on your chainsaw, then you hit them with whatever weapon is in your other hand. OH BTW, UNLIMITED CHAINSAW USE! OH YEAH! Its my weapon of choice.

    Dont expect the greatest game ever. Its at least a SHITLOAD better than the last game. I'd give it a 7. So far its a damn great buy at $20.
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  7. LOL! The game has some funny shit.
    "HEY! Ugly, I got something that will clear that up"
    "Now, who to kill next? decisions decisions... YOU"

    I'm really digging this. I shouldn't be, but I am. The mindless killing and gameplay is rather fun. I arrived at this one area and there was at LEAST 20 enemies in front of me. I ran like a little bitch....

    Did I mention you can posses enemies and when you do try it the game uses the cool EVIL IS CHASING Ash sounds from the movie.
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  8. Nice impressions, Mog. Keep 'em coming.

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  9. Don't forget, WWE Crush Hour was released at only 20 bucks also!

  10. yeah but Crush Hour is shit. This is actually pretty cool. Hell, I wouldnt have been pissed if I got it for $50.
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