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Thread: $20 for Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick

  1. for only $20 I couldnt resist the urge to buy now. I dont think the Xbox one is suppose to be that different anyways.
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  2. I understand, but generally, if it's out on PS2 and XBOX, I'll get the Box version.

    Call it a quirk.
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  3. Same here. but for $20 I needed it NOW.
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  4. DAMNIT! GO buy it right now! Its $20. Maybe if it sells well it may push them a little further into making Evil Dead 4.
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  5. Ok, you persuaded me and I picked it up yesterday. Beat the first level last night and I'm halfway through the second one now, and I'm having a great time. Thanks for the recommend, I probably would have passed on this completely otherwise.

    Any tips on impaling zombies on the chainsaw? Instructions say double-tap X, but all I get is a two-strike combo when I try.


  6. yeah the impale thing is a bit tricky at first but I can do it at will now. Heres how, press x to swing the saw, then a split second later then hit and HOLD X, if done right Ash will kinda bring the chainsaw back as if to thrust it, then release x. He'll thrust forward nailing a deadite. Then when your killing the little SOB press the Square button to use his other weapon. LOL, its fun. Use the dynamite for some hilarity.
    I hope that helps you out.
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  7. Yea, I'm in the same boat as CV, once I heard an xbox version was coming at the same price I'm just gonna wait. Gives me time to buy some other games in the meantime

    But I've heard lots of good things in addition to this thread, so I'm eagerly awaiting it
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  8. I'm kinda hoping the Xbox games isnt that much bettet. But, I played it and finished already so I guess I'm happy. Plus theres some other games coming out that I want for Xbox. Brute Force and Soldier of Fortune 2(online mostly)
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  9. The single player of SoF 2 is, for once, (imo), way better than the multiplayer.

    SoF 2's story is well thought out, and it's got a ton of levels to plow through, and they all make sense.
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  10. I picked up the game today and it's well worth the $20. This ED game plays well, and for the price, you can't complain. My girlfriend got into it as well. As for an Evil Dead 4, it will never happen. If it were to happen, it would have happened long ago. The sales of this one game won't determine it, the DVDs and such already sell like crazy, they know the fan base is there.
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