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Thread: $20 for Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick

  1. Sam Raimi could make Evil Dead 4 from his own pocket money and wouldn't go broke even if it didn't make a dime, at least if they kept the budget at AOD levels. I seriously doubt it will happen though. I think the change to the AOD ending doomed ED4 in a way.
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  2. I picked up ED this weekend, and it is SO totally worth the $20. It's a really fun little game, and the chainsaw/weapon action is cool. Bruce doing the voice acting is just icing on the cake, and the "making of" video is a cool addition. Graphically, it's solid (especially considering how many enemies appear on-screen at times) and the Ash character model looks awesome. Controls well, too. Thumbs-up!

    The impale move is a tad tricky, but once you get the timing down it's easy. Just tap X twice and hold it after the second tap (release to impale). Ash also has an uppercut-type move if you tap X three times and hold it, and an circular slash (good if you're surrounded) if you press X once, hold and release. The spell book is hilarious, try using it when it's not charged enough for an amusing result.

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  3. Cool, I'm glad to hear other people diggin this game.
    Some of the piss poor reviews I seen are just off on this one.
    The game is at least a 5-6 of 10 IMO.
    5 being average.
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  4. Thanks for the advice on the impale move, it definitely improved my game. Chunking a stick of dynamite into a zombie impaled on the end of the chainsaw then watching it run around with a glowing head before it explodes is worth the full $20 right there.


  5. Interest level rising...

  6. I got it today, and I like the little I've played. I got a question, in the manual it lists a video option to turn the game into 16:9 mode, but I can't find it. I think they've left it out...
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  7. I really enjoyed this game a lot and since i'm a fan of evil dead it was definitly a must buy.Don't understand why all the reviews in the magazines bash the game and say its not worth anyone's time.The game for its price is perfect and the game accomplishes what its set out to do provide a good time to a fan of the evil dead movies.Maybe a casual gamer won't enjoy it as much but i know that i'm happy with my purchase and i recommend it to anybody.Here's hoping they get a chance to make a sequal
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