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        NAME               SCORE               VERIFIED?
    1.  Triple Lei         483                 Yup
    2.  diffusionx         389                 Yup
    3.  Fuzzeebunny        331
    4.  Shapermc           327
    5.  FuryFox            322

    Surprisingly fun, although totally unfair. If you win, you get 20 points, but if you lose (i.e., the CPU wins), the CPU gets 40 points!

    Grab a pic with Alt+PrintScrn if you want...

  2. 331

    I used to be able to No-Miss this thing, and then it was just a matter of drawing out the rallies (one point every time you hit the ball)... I'll get back to you after I do my homework.
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  3. Ahh, I used to play this game in my networking class all the time. Pretty entertaining.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  4. 241

    edit: 322, gah

  5. 311

    I would verify but Im at work.

    edit: 340

    edit2: 359

  6. I got 389, here's a snap. I would also like to say Im getting very sick of this game:
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