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Thread: Jack Burton is a PIMP......

  1. Jack Burton is a PIMP......

    Big Trouble in Little China....DVD.....get it. now.

    learn the ways of a true pimp as Kurt Russel takes pimping to new level as Jack Burton, a man who makes Blade look like a godamn fool.

    best 24 bucks I ever spent on a DVD (uh, forgot about Embrace of the Vampire, Alyssa Milano's boobies for $15).....

  2. Any extras?

  3. Big Trouble in Little China rules. Awesome film, and Kurt Russel's Jack Burton was great

    Did you get SP edition dvd??? I need to get that one.

  4. dude get the SP edition, a full disc of extras, ones you will actually watch. prolly my fav movie of all time.


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