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Thread: The Great Genesis Game Hunt

  1. Yes I do!

    PM sent!

  2. teh monthly bump!

  3. Would you be wanting any PAL versions of any of those games? There happens to be a store near me here in England that has a ton of Mega Drive games. It's unlikely, but some might be on your list I suppose...

  4. My Genny is modded to play PAL games so that's not a problem. Could you check what games they have?

  5. Sure thing. I'll take that list with me when I next go there.

  6. dud does any one here in this thread have pengo?? cos i cant find it any where!! i hear its really rare!! last game on the megadrive in japan!!
    <CENTER><B>Do not panic, do not panic! We are trained professionals!</B><CENTER>

  7. I don't suppose you'd want the Power Ranger game.
    Time for a change

  8. Tempting as it is, I'll have to decline.

  9. So Melf, what comes first, your Genesis collection or your daughter's college fund?

    And are you suuuure you want Viewpoint? I heard the Genesis version was pants.

    And I have Herzog Zwei but its just a plain-jane loose copy (in fact... I wrote the FAQ thats on GameFAQs for it). Im sure you dont want that. Want Beavis and Butthead? I have Beavis and Butthead. And a copy of NBA Jam Tournament Edition that doesn't work.

  10. College fund......Genesis fund......Genesis games.....

    Can I think about it a bit?

    If that copy of B&B is complete, give me a price or trade and I'll take it.


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