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Thread: Buy From My Huge List Or Die

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    LOL Guest

    Buy From My Huge List Or Die

    Paypal and email:

    I'm going to let TNL get first shot at all of these before I put them up on eBay sometime later, because eBay is a hassle and this will be easier. You can check my eBay profile (omfgninjas) if you want to see my feedback (24, all positive).

    The prices listed here are just what I'm looking to sell them for. I don't follow collector trends or anything so I don't know the current market value of a lot of these, although I do keep everything I own in perfect condition. If anything here is already scratched or fucked up, I probably bought it at Funco used as an impulse. If you wish to negotiate prices, that's fine with me as long as your price suggestions aren't stupid.

    I will ship most of this stuff in a bubble wrap mailer for $3.00 first-class. If it's too big for bubble wrap, I will mail it in a box for between $5.00 to $7.00 depending on the weight. You can do Priority for an extra $2.00 more to shipping or add insurance for $1.30 extra. I take Paypal and money orders. The complete NES/Genesis/GB items will be shipped in a box. If you want me to ship in a popcorn-filled box or have any special shipping requests, that's fine, but I'll charge you extra for however much the box cost me, etc. I live less than a mile from my post office, so I'm usually quick with shipping. Multiple purchases will probably be shipped together in one box for however much it will cost me to ship.

    If you want me to take pictures of an item or any of an item's defects first, that's cool.

    If you're not satisfied with an item's quality or something, you can ship it back to me for a full refund, except for shipping costs. So say an item cost you $5.00 and I shipped it to you for $3.00. I will only refund $2.00, because I'm not looking to lose money here. If you're worried about anything, please ask for a picture or something so we don't have to go through that.

    Also, the condition of everything listed here is most likely correct. I didn't check all of this shit before I posted it, because that'd take too long. However, I do know what I've been anal about keeping perfect, so unless these got scratched up just sitting in their place, they're as described. I will of course check the quality of everything before I ship it to you and let you know if I notice a new fingerprint or something and possibly correct my asking price accordingly.

    Here you go. Post in the thread if you want to tell people if you call a certain item for yourself or something, but PM or email me to get everything started.

    Crazy Taxi (light scratches, light crease in manual, complete) $2.00
    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (mint, complete) $5.00 - sold to Regus
    Giga Wing (mint, complete) $5.00 - sold to Regus
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (mint, complete) $5.00 - sold to ShineAqua
    Marvel vs Capcom 2 (import, complete, light scratches) $10.00
    NFL 2K1 (complete, scratched CD) $1.00
    NFL 2K2 (complete, mint) $5.00
    Phantasy Star Online (mint, complete) $10.00
    Power Stone 2 (import, complete, light scratches) $10.00
    Seaman (mint, complete with microphone) $10.00
    Sega Smash Pack 1 (mint, complete) $5.00
    Skies of Arcadia (mint, complete) $20.00
    Sonic Adventure (complete, scratched CD, wrinkled manual, Game Doctored because I was just fucking around with it, can't guarantee anything here) $1.00
    Sonic Adventure 2 (mint, complete, with bonus Sonic Birthday Pack) $20.00
    Starlancer (mint, complete) $2.00 - sold to Regus
    Street Fighter 3rd Strike (import, scratched, complete) $10.00 - sold to plik
    Ultimate Fighting Championship (mint, complete) $2.00
    Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram (light scratches, complete) $15.00
    Worms World Party (mint, complete) $5.00

    Game Boy Advance/Color/etc
    White GBA system (complete with box and all that stuff, but I lost the battery door thing, I guess you can replace that with a battery pack or something) $30.00 shipped

    Kirby Tilt and Tumble (mint, complete) $5.00 - sold to wcmiker

    Mario Kart Super Circuit Strategy Guide $2.00

    Nintendo Preview Disc with free sealed bonus demo CD from Gamecube launch (mint, complete) $10.00 - sold to K3V
    Pac-Man World 2 (mint, complete) $8.00
    Smashing Drive (mint, complete) $8.00
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (mint, complete) $8.00

    Genesis model 1 (dusty and dirty, but works perfectly, system only with plugs) $20.00 shipped

    Aladdin (mint) $2.00 - sold to Rich
    Batman Returns (mint) $1.00
    Castlevania Bloodlines (mint) $10.00
    Comix Zone (not for resale/mint) $2.00 - sold to Rich
    Ecco the Tides of Time (mint) $2.00
    Gunstar Heroes (dirty, faded) $5.00 - sold to flux=rad
    Landstalker (dirty) $5.00 - sold to flux=rad
    McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (mint, complete, box and manual are messed up looking) $5.00 - sold to Click_Stick
    Ristar (mint) $5.00 - sold to Superstition
    Sonic 3D Blast (complete) $5.00
    Sonic and Knuckles (mint) $5.00
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (mega drive import/dirty) $5.00
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (not for resale/dirty) $2.00
    World of Illusion/Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (mint, with box) $5.00

    I have a bunch of those black cart sleeves with a red "Nintendo" written on them. If you want any, they're 25 cents by itself, or 10 cents extra with whatever game you're buying.

    NES console (great condition, new pins and works 90% of the time on first try, system only with plugs) $35 shipped
    NES console (have had since launch, has to be fought with for half an hour to play anything but is in good condition, system only with plugs) $20 shipped

    10-Yard Fight (mint) $2.00
    Anticipation (mint) $3.00
    Battle Chess (mint) $2.00
    Blaster Master (air bubbles under sticker) $2.00
    Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (mint) $5.00
    Dragon Warrior (mint) $5.00
    Final Fantasy (mint) $12.00 - being held for NeomegaCloud
    Gauntlet 2 (mint) $2.00
    Ghosts N Goblins (mint) $5.00
    Ice Climber (dirty) $2.00 - sold to flux=rad
    Ice Hockey (mint cart, messed up box, no manual) $5.00
    Jordan vs Bird (mint) $2.00
    Kickle Cubicle (mint) $2.00 - sold to flux=rad
    Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (mint) $2.00
    Mega Man 2 (mint) $10.00
    Mike Tyson's Punch Out (dirty) $5.00 - sold to flux=rad
    Rad Racer (complete with 3D glasses and everything, box and manual are messed up) $10.00
    Rampage (faded line at top of cart) $2.00
    Rampart (mint) $2.00
    Robocop (faded line at top of cart) $2.00
    Rockin' Kats (mint) $5.00
    Snake's Revenge (mint) $2.00
    Super Dodge Ball (mint) $10.00
    Super Mario 3 (mint) $5.00
    Super Mario 3 (mint) $5.00
    Super Off-Road (mint) $2.00
    Super Sprint (crease on sticker) $2.00
    Star Voyager (mint) $2.00
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (mint) $5.00
    Terminator 2 (faded all over) $2.00
    Terra Cresta (mint) $6.00
    Total Recall (mint) $2.00
    Xexyz (mint) $5.00
    Zelda (all fucked up, has name Jim on it) $2.00

    Hey You Pikachu (complete, mint) $5.00

    Conker Strategy Guide (no poster) $1.00
    Paper Mario Strategy Guide $2.00

    A good majority of these games come with their large PC box and manual. Let me know if you want the box and/or manual, but be warned that it may cost a couple dollars extra on shipping to ship those giant boxes. These are mostly scratched unless noted, because PC games aren't worth anything so I don't take care of them. They all work perfectly.

    NVidia TNT 16mb video card (comes in plastic protection, but missing box) $5.00

    Alice (mint) $5.00
    Baldur's Gate $3.00
    Baldur's Gate 2 $5.00
    Baldur's Gate 2 Expansion (mint) $5.00
    Black and White $5.00
    Deus Ex $2.00
    Diablo 2 $5.00
    Escape from Monkey Island (mint) $5.00
    Everquest $1.00 (already used, so I dunno if it'll work online or whatever)
    Everquest: Ruins of Kunark box SIGNED BY DEVELOPERS, no game inside $10.00 (won this in a contest from eqvault or some popular site, the box is worn on the edges and there's no game in it because whoever shipped it to me from that site is an asshole who didn't care that it's worth a lot)
    Icewind Dale $4.00
    Incredible Toon Machine $2.00 (highly recommended to puzzle fans)
    Metal Gear Solid (mint) $10.00 (special feature to PC version: first-person mode)
    MTV Music Generator $5.00
    Myth 2 (mint) $5.00
    Myth 3 (mint) $5.00
    Planescape Torment $5.00
    Quake (shareware) $2.00
    Quake 2 and all it's expansions $10.00
    Sim City 3000 $3.00
    System Shock 2 $5.00
    Wheel of Time $5.00

    Myst Strategy Guide $1.00
    Starcraft Strategy Guide $1.00
    Starcraft Brood War Strategy Guide $1.00

    Overheated PlayStation (haven't experienced the annoying FMV skipping and having to put the system on its side to get it to even start? you're in luck! system only with plugs) $10.00 shipped

    Brave Fencer Musashi (mint, complete) $15.00 - sold to Rich
    Castlevania Chronicles (mint, complete) $30.00
    Chrono Cross (mint, complete, non-GH) $20.00
    Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (mint, complete) $30.00
    Dance Dance Disney Mix (complete, SEALED) $40.00
    Gran Turismo 2 (mint, complete, non-GH) $10.00
    Grandia (complete, all fucked up) $3.00 - sold to wcmiker
    Final Fantasy 8 (complete, light scratches, non-GH) $8.00
    Front Mission 3 (scratched CD, barcode on manual is markered out, complete) $5.00 - sold to Sqoon
    Incredible Crisis (mint, complete) $8.00 - sold to Regus
    King of Fighters 99 (mint, complete) $10.00
    King's Field (complete, scratched CD, broken ripped case, very fucked up) $1.00
    Klonoa (CD only, scratched and Game Doctored, game plays perfect all the way through, but music skips on some stages) $10.00
    Lunar 1 (complete, all fucked up) $10.00 - sold to Omnigear
    Metal Gear Solid (complete, light scratches, non-GH) $10.00
    Poy Poy (all fucked up, complete) $3.00 - sold to Sqoon
    Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage (complete, scratched, back of manual faded on edges) $5.00 - sold to wcmiker
    Silhouette Mirage (mint, complete) $10.00
    Street Fighter Collection 2 (complete, full of light scratches, Game Doctored) $5.00 - sold to wcmiker
    Vagrant Story (mint, complete) $20.00
    Xenogears (disc 1 has a few scratches, disc 2 is mint, complete) $30.00 - sold to Rich

    PlayStation 2
    Kessen (mint, complete) $10.00
    Monster S-video cable (should've read reviews on this before I bought it, the end is loose and doesn't fit all the way in PS2, it gets pissy sometimes, maybe you'll have better luck with it) $5.00
    Twisted Metal Black Online (mint, complete) $5.00
    Virtua Fighter 4 (mint, complete) $10.00 - sold to Regus

    Christmas Nights (complete with CD and sleeve) $20.00
    Fighting Vipers (mint, complete) $5.00 - sold to ShineAqua
    Nights with 3D controller (mint except for tiny dot of something on box, complete) $20.00
    Virtua Fighter 2 (mint, complete) $5.00

    Old-style SNES console (top part is as yellow as any SNES you've ever seen, a bit damaged around the cartridge slot and has had the "import" chips broken out, works perfectly, system only with plugs) $20.00 shipped
    New-style SNES console (looks minty and nice, system only with plugs) $30.00 shipped

    Castlevania 4 (SEALED) $20.00
    Contra 3 (mint) $5.00 - sold to flux=rad
    Street Fighter 2 (mint) $2.50
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 (sticker on back ripped) $1.00
    Yoshi's Island (mint) $15.00 - sold to Superstition

    Big Shitty Controller $5.00 - sold to GohanX
    Big Shitty Controller $5.00 - sold to GohanX
    Exhibition Disc 2 (full Capcom vs SNK 2, mint, complete) $3.00
    Morrowind (mint, complete) $10.00
    Sega Soccer Slam (mint, complete) $10.00

    Other crap
    DDRMAX Limited Edition music sampler CD (sealed) $2.00
    Mario action figure from Kids Meal $1.00
    Mario/chain chomp toy from Kids Meal $1.00
    Mario race track from Kids Meal $1.00
    Mario race track from Kids Meal (sealed) $1.50
    Mario race track from Kids Meal (sealed) $1.50
    Nintendo Jelly Pops (pack of 12 - DK, Link, Yoshi, Mario) $6.00
    Parasite Eve 2 mini-lunchbox $10.00
    PlayStation 2 Sony brand CD case with PlayStation pen (given to Gamer Advisory Panel members) $3.00
    Pokemon Charmander Christmas tree decoration $5.00
    Pokemon Talking Patamon $5.00
    Sealed EGM #146 (sept 2001) with limited edition Amano FFX art cover $10.00 - being held for NeomegaCloud
    Splinter Cell Xbox demo disc (sealed) $1.00
    Vivi plush $10.00

    Every GI/EGM from the last two years (most of them are mint, others are kinda shitty, let me know which issues you want and I'll let you know) $0.25 each
    Every GMR so far (issue 2 was water stained) $0.25 each
    Various past PC Accelerators (worn-out and wrinkled from use because this was the best magazine ever made) $0.75 each

  2. I'll take McDonald's for the Genesis.

    Just to know: How dirty are we talking, here? Not that it really matters.

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    LOL Guest
    It's actually in much better condition than I thought it was. The manual is a bit worn on the edges and wrinkly, but the box and cart are in nice shape.

    Also, on the inside of the box, one of the "clips" that holds the manual in place is missing.
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  4. I'd like Gunstar Heroes, Landstalker for Genesis and KickleCubicle, Ice Climber, and Punchout for NES. PM with the total with shipping and I'll Paypal right away.

    Edit: Add Contra 3 to all that too.

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    Can I get that Xenogears on hold for a day? And what do you mean "not for resale" on the Comix Zone?

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    LOL Guest
    flux=rad - PM sent.

    Rich - No problem on the Xenogears. Sonic 2 and Comix Zone both have a yellow "not for resale" sticker on them, so I'm guessing they were packed in with the system.

  7. I call Klonoa! I can paypal you the money tomorrow~

    Oh, and whats on Street Fighter Collection 2? I had the first but I missed out on the second one.


    I'll also take Total Recall for NES. It'll go along nicely with the gag present for my friend XD!
    Play Guitar Hero //

  8. If you could post a pic of Lunar 1, that'd be cool.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

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    LOL Guest
    SFC2 has Street Fighter 2, SF2 Turbo, and the SF2 with Deejay, Hawk, etc.

    I'll post the Lunar pic in the morning, because I won't be home for the rest of tonight.

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    Anyways, How's 45 + shipping sound for Brave Fencer Musashi, Comix Zone, Aladdin, and Xenogears sound? How much would the shipping be? And just how bad is the scratch on Xenogears? (Pic?)


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