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Thread: Buy From My Huge List Or Die

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    Rich, you've got a PM.

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    I tried to take a pic of the Xenogears CD, but the black bottom makes it so the scratches don't show up in a picture. It's just a bunch of light scratches, nowhere near as bad as a Blockbuster rental or anything.

    Here's a pic of Lunar for Omni. The book and map seem fine to me. Disc 1 and the music soundtrack have some light scratches on it, while Disc 2 and the Making of CD seem fine. The main problem is the main box, which is rounded on the edges and a bit worn.
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    Alrighty. I take it it plays fine. As I said in PM, I'll get the MO this week.

  4. Is Final Fantasy on NES complete or just the cart? I'm interested in that and the EGM that you have...let me know about FF and I'll have to see if Xenogigas will hold onto my stuff a little bit longer...but I want both of those, just don't want to lose what xeno is holding for me either...

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    Rich - I was just playing it a month ago and it plays perfect.

    NeomegaCloud - Yep, FF is cart only.

    I can hold it for you for a while if you want to get your stuff from Xenogigas first or anything, no problem.

  6. Re: Buy From My Huge List Or Die

    Originally posted by omfgninjas
    Sonic Adventure 2 (mint, complete, with bonus Sonic Birthday Pack) $20.00
    What's a Sonic Birthday Pack? I may be interested here.

  7. The Birthday Pack is a small, dark blue fold-out case with a gold-colored "Sonic tenth anniversary" logo on the front, with a gold colored Sonic coin, a gold colored Sonic music CD, and a history of Sonic booklet in it.
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  8. yeah, if you'd do that it would be great, I get back from a trip next friday june 6th and that is also payday, so I could probably get payment out to you on saturday the 7th for FF and the issue of EGM, if it isn't too much trouble could you email me a pic of them?

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    taloony - Yep, Jeremy's description is right on. I can post a pic if you'd like.

    NeomegaCloud - You've got mail.

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    Originally posted by NeomegaCloud
    ... I get back from a trip next friday june 6th and that is also payday...
    As well as D-Day.


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