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Thread: Buy From My Huge List Or Die

  1. Originally posted by omfgninjas
    Here's a pic of Lunar for Omni. The book and map seem fine to me. Disc 1 and the music soundtrack have some light scratches on it, while Disc 2 and the Making of CD seem fine. The main problem is the main box, which is rounded on the edges and a bit worn.
    As long as the box isn't majorly ripped or anything and is one piece, it's fine.

    You've got a PM.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  2. A pic's not necessary. If it's not sold, I'll get back to you in a day or two with my decision.

  3. I'll take Poy Poy and Front Mission 3.

  4. yup, I want em, just keep em on hold for me till the 7th please then I will ship out payment. I'll just need some info for you sometime before then. No hurry at all as I will be gone all next week.

  5. So Klonoa and Total Recall are availible again X_X

    I uhhh...went overboard while in SF so spending money on video games isn't something I should be doing right now. Sorry to flake on you ninja I knew I should have payed you before I left.
    Play Guitar Hero //

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    Does MGS on PC have the big box? Also, what is its condition? Thanks.

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    Sl1p - No problem.

    Yoshi - Nope, no box, just the 2 CDs in a jewel case and the manual. Disc 1 has two light scratches that I can barely see and Disc 2 is mint.

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    By "big shitty controller" do you mean that the controllers are in bad shape or that you just hate them?
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    They're in great shape, it's just the original giant American controllers.

  10. Empty your mailbox


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