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Thread: Berserk - general thread

  1. I just spent last night and this morning marathoning the new show -- well, the Conviction Arc part that's out, anyways.

    What's the general opinion on it?

    I had heard a lot of people completely trashing it when it came out, so I was expecting to be really let down. In the end, I was only a little let down. In a way it exceeded my expectations since they were so low going in.

    I'm not a manga reader (I started, just can't afford to keep going with the Dark Horse books right now), so this is my first exposure to post-Eclipse Berserk besides the DC game and such. From a perspective of zero reference to the source material, I thought that this felt a bit rushed. Things just flew by and I was never able to develop the same emotional attachment to any of the new characters that I did in the original series. Also, a lot of the action scenes felt poorly or oddly choreographed. Just... some of the angles and the way they were cut felt not quite right.

    Still, despite not liking it as much as the other Berserk stuff I've seen/read, I really enjoyed it. I'd watch as many episodes of this as were available, so I guess that's a win.
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  2. The new shitty CGI TV series just covered Farnese and Serpico's backstory; godDAMN. Game of Thrones' level of tragedy and fucked-up-edness is downright cute in comparison.

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