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Thread: Berserk - general thread

  1. I just finished the series last night, and now regard Berserk as one of the finest anime I have ever seen, probably number two in my heart right below Evangelion. The characters are so layered, the action is beyond brutal, and the ending to the series is perfect. A++

    Originally posted by Click_Stick
    Thanks to Kaneda, and now this thread, Berserk is near the top of my will-buy series for summer viewing. I never gave it a second thought previously, but now I'm piqued.
    Near the top? Fuck that. Berserk is your number one priority. Everything else can wait. Be sure to get the box with DVD 1. It's spiffy

    Also, this is awesome news about a second season. Bring it on. I crave it.

    - Kabuki

  2. I wish i hadn't played the game first, because I was expecting Gatts to be fighting giant monsters and zombies all the time.

    But then it was all about war and politics and stuff. I was slightly dissapointed

    I think I would have enjoyed it much more had I not expected from the whole series what was shown in the first episode.

  3. Well, how far have you gotten into the series thus far? If you've just watched the 1st DVD, expect it to get MUCH better in later discs. I was expecting the same thing for the same reason, believe me, but the story picks up VERY early on and gets really exciting.
    The outtakes help, too. Best I've seen since Kenshin.

  4. no no no... I've watched the whole thing.

    I even remember when Gatts and Griffith fight Zodd, I was thinking "alright! now it's gonna pick up and they're gonna fight more big-ass monsters and stuff!"

    ... but they really didn't (until the ending)

    I guess it was just a weird case of wrong expectations

    And I did end up liking it a lot more, especially towards the end.

  5. Be sure to get the box with DVD 1. It's spiffy
    very spiffy, but it seems to be slightly tight when you fit all the discs into it. at least mine is.

  6. I like the berserk manga better. They cut a good bit out of the anime during the first 2 dvd's. The 3rd and 4th dvd are pretty true to the manga with maybe only 1 or 2 cuts.

    If you are wanting more Guts action I'd recommend the manga, cause its still going. Plus once it gets out of flash back mode, thats when you really see guts putting some God's in their place. Plus I find him to be even more ruthless and cold hearted in the manga.

  7. Kaneda got me into Berserk this weekend. I saw the first 13 episodes on Saturday, then moseyed on over to Kick's Hobby Japan and bought the complete series DVD box on Sunday.

    The manga (which has been running since 1988) is coming to the states in October courtesy of Dark Horse! Kaneda and I will be first in line the day book one ships.


  8. Well, you've convinced me to pick this up really soon. Damn, there are just way to many anime I want to buy right now, including the next volume of InuYasha which comes out tomorrow.

  9. Just finished this series recently, and good GOD, that was awesome. The whole series was just grand as hell. I can't wait for October to get the manga!
    Fire can damage Jason the most, but please don't do it. He's so HAPPY.

  10. I do love the hell out of the series, but those thirsting for a second season might be in trouble.

    There was alot of stuff cut out from the anime, as compared to the manga. Most of it was done for concisity's sake, but much of it was setting up what was to come AFTER the event that ends the anime. Important characters were removed, and alot of foreshadowing, but also some more major story arcs. A season 2 could be very disorienting for those who cut their teeth on the first. Especially as it approaches current with the manga: The present berserk world is very different from that of the Taka no Dan arc. Spoilers, but not really spoilers: [spoiler]Gatts is no longer alone, and the world is being transdformed into one of high fantsy, replete with mages, trolls, and ogres.[/spoilers]. It could piss off fans if they weren't brought into it the right way.

    The manga is fantastic though. It is definately better than the anime, and goes into alot more detail (and of course the story continues). The artwork, especially in later volumes, is downright gorgeous, too. The ink-work is incredible.


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