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Thread: Berserk - general thread

  1. Yea I much perfer the manga, I'm like on volume 13 I believe and its up to volume 25 I think in Japan. I just wished dark horse would hurry up and release the manga in the states. Its gonna take them a good while to catch up to where I am in it tho.

  2. Heh, I've finished up to 25... They'll never catch up.

  3. My buddy Harry keeps telling me how hot the series is and that I should watch it. Maybe I will, not that it's TNL approved.
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  4. Dark Horse updated their site with this interview with the publisher about the US manga release. Apparently they're pretty pumped about it. I warn you, tho: this is one corny interview.

    Edit:Just browsed their message board and came across this. Sounds good to me.

  5. That is some interesting new about the manga. I will finish up the anime sometime this week, and from what I hear, the ending will leave you with a thirst for blood, so I am eager to pick up the manga. Hopefully, if it does real well, they will make a second season for the anime.

  6. I thought Berserk was a good series, and Guts was exactly the type of protagonist that I find most entertaining.

    However, I wish the whole series was more like the first episode, and the last two. The first episode was so good it tricked me into watching the next few episodes (which, IMO, were pretty boring and not really what makes Berserk good). From then on, it seems like they would insert just enough Guts action to keep me watching the next episode...but I was always wanting more.

    It never really liked the Griffith character, especially as the series went on, but the way he worked into the finally was great. I just seemed like he took too much of the story up, when Guts was really the star of the show. was also sort-of pissed that after Gut's bad-assedness in the first episode, everything was in flashback, and I just wanted to get back to the point in time of the beginning. I was doubly pissed to find out there was no second season, just as the story was getting interesting.

    I don't know if I'll buy it though. The animation and production values are pretty weak overall, even if the action scenes are great. Plus, I'd only really want to watch, like, 3 of the episodes over again. Second season would be my top priority though.

    Also: If the manga hasn't been released in the states yet, how do you all acquire/read them?

  7. The manga is much better than the anime. Its more violent, uncut and the art is much better. Since the manga got picked up by darkhorse, most of the scanlations sites quit hosting it. The only ones they'll host is when they release a new volume. Like right now volume 25 is easy to find. I'm currently on volume 14 and its getting VIOLENT.

  8. I just watched the final DVD last night. urge to kill rising. Who the hell decided to end it there. they sure as hel better make a second season.

  9. Jesus.

    So. I bought the first two volumes a couple months ago, and I was overall indifferent. It was okay, but the cheaped-out animation and slow pacing got to me.

    Then I bought the third vol. fairly recently. Then the fourth, fifth, and sixth almost immediately after that.

    From episode 10 and on, this show picked up tremedously.

    I'm kinda shaken up with this show... Christ. Manga need. Second season: vital.

    More thoughts in the ending thread.

  10. Exactly. DVD 3 and the hook is set


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