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Thread: Berserk - general thread

  1. (the threesome scene with the chick and army buffs comes to mind. Actual sex scenes, mind you. Anybody else seen this?)
    IIRC, it was Shirow that actually censored his own work for Man-Machine Interface. he had plans to release a toned down version suitable for all and a more graphic version with the sex intact. don't know anything more than that really, but if the plans are still a go, those cut bits will show up in the TPB. just don't quote me on that.

    i think DH did ask Shirow to redraw the panel of the orgy on the boat in the og GitS manga, though. that one bit can been seen in one of the Intron Depot's.

    ...which should be released January 14th of next year.
    just in time for my birthday. not that i would want manga as a gift, i usually want bigger and more expensive for that occasion. ^_^;;

  2. I know, this will probably be considered "teh suxor", but I will share anyways...

    I got this tattoo a couple weeks ago.

    It is on the back of my neck. I am a weirdo, I know.
    He's a fascist, like Himmler without the whimsy.

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    you know, i was just playing the Berserk DC game through and thought that would be a totally cool tattoo to get. awesome. I love Berserk but the last epsiode scares me more than anything I've ever even comprehended before.
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  4. This thread is about as dead as it gets, but I'd just like to say that Vol. 3 has been released. Saw it on Saturday at the local comic shop.
    He's a fascist, like Himmler without the whimsy.

  5. Do you know if they have plans on doing more anime of Berserk?... I really loved this series so I hope they do eventually

  6. I hope they make more anime. It is the best damn thing I have ever seen. Even people who aren't big fans of anime enjoy it.

    Picked up vol3 this weekend. That pagan orgy scene was great.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki
    I love Berserk but the last epsiode scares me more than anything I've ever even comprehended before.
    The last episodes ownz everybody. Dont worry, it will be fine. Just think happy thoughts.....
    Happy thoughts...keeep away.....T3H 3VIIIIIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously though, seeing the last episodes scared me 4 life.
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  8. There are a lot of orgies in the manga.

    If the last episode of the anime scarred you. I hate to see what the manga does.

  9. Yeah, the manga was worse. But recently, it has calmed down a little.


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