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Thread: Thief~Silver's Feedback Thread

  1. Thief~Silver's Feedback Thread

    PriestJPN: I paid $120 for a Beatmania IIDX controller and Beatmania 6th + Plus core. Something I would have paid $140 for had I gone through something like NCSX.

    When I asked him, he quickly looked for and found the items I asked him for. I wasn't sure if I was going to buy them, but when I decided to, he said ok and bought them for me. After this, I couldn't afford it due to some unforseen circumstances. So I asked him to hold it for me, and he did.

    Then when I finally paid, It was shipped Saturday and I got it Wensday. He is cheaper, quicker, patient, and once again quick at shipping. He is definatly a great person to deal with.

    Thank you Pete.

  2. I would recommend PriestJPN too, I bought some capsule toys from him, although it ended up a little pricier than I thought it would be, he was kind enough to give me the price breakdown and the fees he charged- he went out of his way to look for a couple of things for me, and was very timely with PM's. When I asked him to go for the cheaper shipping option (shipping from Japan is kinda expensive) he happily took care of it for me. The package arrived on time, no problems.

    PriestJPN is very reliable although you should make sure you get a price estimate first if you're on a budget.
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