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Thread: TNL Samba De Amigo Tourney sign-up!

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    TNL Samba De Amigo Tourney sign-up!

    Given the good results of people who play Samba from my previous poll, I think it's time we have the official TNL Samba Tourney! This event (being held personally by moi, who also happens to be competing) will help determine the true Maracas King (or Queen) of TNL, so that s/he may have....

    bragging rights.

    Laying down some ground rules before anyone signs up:

    1) The tournament's basic set-up will be a score attack. For each song each player is competing in, s/he will post all his/her stats from the win screen, including Score, Max Amigos, Yeah!s, Boo!s, Percentage, and of course his/her overall letter Rank. (I reccomend using the Training mode so you have enough time to write this info down.) For the sake of challenge, ALL SONGS WILL BE DONE ON SUPER HARD MODE IN THE TOURNAMENT. For those of you that don't know, to access this mode, on the difficulty select screen, raise the right maraca up to Hard and shake the right maraca 15 times to access Super Hard mode.

    2) People who own both maracas and the controller are eligible to compete, you need not own a pair of maracas to play in the tournament. It would probably be to your advantage if you have some though. On a similar note, third-party maracas and controllers are perfectly acceptable as well.

    3) This kind of goes without saying and I'm ashamed to even have to say it here, but BE HONEST. If you get kicks out of lying to people about your score, that's good for you, but most everyone here would like to truly stack themselves up against their fellow poster without cheating.

    4) Winners and participants will be determined by their average scores, ranks, and percentages. Should a participant miss a particular song that is in the competition (i.e. not give his score for that song) he or she will get an automatic half of whatever the maximum score for that level is (not counting possible Amigos.) For those participants who do not have access to the Sega songs (see below) they will be exempted from those songs and their other scores will be averaged out as if the downloadable Sega songs were never even there.

    If anyone finds some kind of flaws with these rules please E-Mail me right away.

    That's all really, if you would like to compete, E-Mail me at with hte following information:

    Your Name (or board alias)

    Your E-Mail address

    Controller or Maracas?

    Downloaded Sega songs or just the songs in the game?

    I'll give everyone a week or so to officially enter. Thanks to all who participate, the tournament will officially begin by next Monday, so that gives all who sign up a weeks worth of training time. Good Luck everyone!

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    Yeah, it does belong in the high scores board, so I moved it.


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