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Thread: t-shirt/hoodie design contest

  1. t-shirt/hoodie design contest

    only major rule is that we need the phrase and or Pimp-Productions somewhere on the design(front/back/sleves/whatever).

    have fun
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  2. we've gotten a pretty high turnout from local forum users(my site) and users from it's a damn shame none of you guys are jumping in this. a ton of great artists and nobody wants to take a stab at earning $50 and their own design on a shirt.
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  3. gah, I didn't see this til you bumped it.

    I've got free time again (summers are cool like that), so I'll give it a shot.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  4. hell yeah, finally got someone from tnl in this shit. now the rest of you aspiring anime/fanartist/designers/badasses should send off some submissions(we'll take anything for the contest as long as it follows the rules. even mspaint stuff...we're all for it)
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  5. hey smoo, where can I get a blank T-shirt image from?
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.


    its on the main page, we got white,blue, and black

    btw, here's a rough draft for the battle royale design i did...

    gonna fix the bullet wounds on the front so theyre all different, and then i'll tweak little things, but its pretty much done.
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  7. Would you be interested in a design of mine? Look at some of my work a bit farther down on the galleria (Bloodshot, Serenity).
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  8. fpm: we're taking anything anyone would like to post. just whip it up on a shirt and send it to me at and/or
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  9. I've been neglecting the Galleria for awhile now 'cuz I haven't been drawing much... that can be posted in TNL . But I'll check this out.

    BTW, whatcha' pimps do anyway?

  10. mrdandy, take a look at the site if you want to know more. plenty of shit to read and lots of vids to watch.
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