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Thread: Plik's Feedback Thread

  1. anyone deal with Fentoozer?

    i thought i had a pretty solid deal with him, but after 2 e-mails, he has not responded and i have not been able to get in touch. no PM's, no e-mail. nothing.
    not sure if he wanted to back out or what, but i would have appreciated some notice.
    anyone deal with him bef.?

    thanks for your feedback


  2. Sure, Fent's a good guy. We did business a few weeks ago, no probs.
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  3. yes, i know now. he exchanged a couple of e-mails, then he went on vacation or something and i have not heard from him until a couple of days ago.
    thanks for the reply.

  4. Azel = thumbs up! awesome trader, highly recommended

    Azel / Jeremy Bryant
    is a really good person to deal with, i had a very good experience. i would recommend him to anyone.
    thanks Jeremy!

  5. jiji is a great seller

    i just completed a transaction with him, he shipped very fast and packed the games very well! thanks

  6. I second that.

    I have a working Powerstone again.

  7. I'll 3rd that notion. jiji is the man!

  8. MY thumbs up list

    i would highly recommend


    ps: hope to add more

  9. Ragnarok the Red

  10. and Reno


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